Equipment Familiarization

Equipment Familiarization

At Herc Rentals, we have the equipment safety training where and when you need it. We have a wide range of high quality operator safety training classes. Our classroom and hands-on training sessions help meet your training requirements while preparing each operator to get the job done right.

Familiarization Upon Delivery

Upon delivery, the Driver shall complete the following with the person receiving the Aerial Platform/Forklift:

  • Identify the weather resistant compartment (for manual storage).
  • Confirm that the manuals, as specified by the manufacturer, are on the Aerial Platform/Forklift.
  • Review control functions with the operator or person designated by the customer.
  • Review safety devices specific to the model Aerial Platform/Forklift being delivered.
  • Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks (Class II)
  • Electric Motor Hand Trucks or Hand/Rider Trucks (Class III)


Difference between General Training & Familiarization

  • Classroom/Formal Training
  • Hands-On Evaluation
  • Hands-On Instruction only
  • Time 10-45 minutes

    Familiarization Does Not Satisfy Requirements for Certification


     Training is available at your local branch or at your job site.

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