On-site Equipment Rental 


Herc Rentals’ on-site facilities bring our expertise and resources right to your jobsite.


Herc Rentals’ on-site facilities demonstrate our unwavering commitment to our customers’ success.


As an on-site facility customer, you’ll have a dedicated equipment pool ranging from general to highly-specialized gear ­— all within arm’s reach and ready to take on new tasks and projects. Once on board, our team of experts will work with you to customize an on-site fleet, complete with tools, equipment and consumables specifically designed for your project needs.


On-site customers also have immediate access to technicians capable of responding to any maintenance or service requirements, as well as experts to help you efficiently and effectively manage your Herc Rentals fleet and transactions.


When you enlist the premier equipment rental company as an on-site facility, we work alongside you and your goals become our goals. 

Project and Tool Management

In this fully customizable solution, customers are provided with a trailer packed with the tools they need.

Industries We Serve


Offering decades of experience, our on-site teams serve a wide range of industries with equipment, tools, and management of your Herc Rentals transactions and fleet. Some of these industries include construction, aerospace and airports, automotive production, facilities and property management, infrastructure development, manufacturing, marine port operations, mining and extraction, petrochemical, oil and gas, utilities, and warehousing.


Types of On-sites


Herc Rentals offers three types of on-site facilities: Project On-Sites, Manufacturing Facility On-Sites, and Tool-Trailer On-Sites. Each of these on-sites comes with its own set of customizable features.

  • Project On-sites are temporary and may include a fenced lay-down yard, staged equipment, a portable office trailer, and shop area. These on-sites can be staffed with Herc Rentals technicians, coordinators and representatives to assist with service calls, orders, deliveries and demand planning.
  • Manufacturing Facility On-sites offer the same benefits as Project On-Sites but typically operate on a longer-term basis. They also may include an office to house Herc Rentals team members who carry out mission-critical assignments daily, monthly, yearly and beyond.
  • Tool-Trailer On-sites are designed for either short- or long-term use. In this fully customizable solution, customers are provided with a trailer packed with the tools they need. Customers also have the option of an in-house Herc Rentals technician or coordinator for any needed assistance for orders, tool management, tracking reports and more.
When you partner with Herc Plus

Your needs are met more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Services We Offer


Our team will help you improve fleet management tracking and efficiency. We can help optimize your fleet by analyzing equipment usage, identifying underutilized assets, and reducing redundancies. Herc Rentals can also assume responsibility for a variety of administrative and reporting functions, including order tracking, equipment extensions and releases, cost reporting, forecasting and more. We will also regularly report on key performance indicators and recommend areas for improvement.


Our on-site facility services also include 24-hour coverage. This means we are there to support your everyday needs as well as mission-critical moments. Whether it's fuel services to keep equipment running without delays, conducting weekly safety meetings, or utilizing the latest technologies such as remote lockouts of equipment, Herc Rentals is at your service and on your schedule.




Herc Rentals fleet includes everything from basic tools to highly specialized equipment that range from portable lighting, gas and electric forklifts, and Mobile Elevated Work Platforms to air compressors, earth moving equipment, tools and carry deck cranes.


As an on-site facility customer, our team of experts will meet with you to ensure you always have the right gear in the right place at the right time for whatever task or project you’re facing.