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Trench and Shoring Solutions Equipment Rentals


From roadway construction to irrigation, the appropriate trench and shoring equipment is an important factor in ensuring worker safety during excavation projects. Herc Rentals offers a wide selection of equipment rentals, along with trench and shoring safety training courses. 


With additional services such as on-site delivery, repairs and maintenance, Herc Rentals provides equipment where and when you need it, in a safe, efficient fashion.


For additional information on our trench shoring equipment rental process, download our helpful solutions guide.


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Trench and Shoring Equipment Applications


Trench shoring systems are used in a variety of applications, including utility line installations and repairs, foundation excavations, pipeline installations and sewer line installations. Trench shoring is an essential part of any excavation project, as the practice helps ensure worker safety by preventing collapse. 


Herc Rentals offers an ample selection of trench and shoring equipment, such as trench boxes, shields and steel plates. Trench boxes are commonly used in construction projects in which the ground is mechanically excavated. The boxes help keep trenches stable while workers perform their required tasks.


Aluminum panel shields are designed for trenching projects that utilize a small excavator and rubber-tire backhoes or loaders. The shields are most commonly used by municipality and utilities contractors, and they feature interchangeable panels that allow for easy configuration to fit varying pipe clearance and trench end conditions.


Manhole shoring boxes are designed for applications such as manhole installations, tie-ins and repair work. With four sides, manhole boxes provide optimal protection on the third and fourth sides of a trench. 


When you choose Herc Rentals as your trench shoring solutions provider, you'll gain access to top brands and specialized equipment to get the job done right. 



Types of Trench and Shoring Equipment Solutions


Herc Rentals offers many types of trench shoring systems and equipment to help keep your workers safe while meeting your project needs. Our trench and shoring equipment is designed to keep soil stable during trench work for optimal worker safety. In addition to shields and plates, we also offer supplemental safety equipment. 


Our equipment options include:

  • Trench shields: Herc Rentals' aluminum shields and aluminum panel shields are designed to keep trench sides stable and prevent collapse. Our shield options include lightweight aluminum shields for deep job sites and aluminum panel shields suitable for varying trench end conditions.
  • Rumble plates/tire cleaners: Our rumble plates and tire cleaners effectively remove loose stones, dirt, mud and debris from equipment tires. Sometimes called rattle plates, Herc Rentals' options include solid plates and slatted plates. Both styles allow for effective removal of debris on heavy equipment tires before driving out of work sites. 
  • Steel plates: Herc Rentals' steel plates are available in non-skid options and multiple widths ranging from 4 x 4 feet to 8 x 20 feet. Crafted with heavy steel, these plates work well to cover deep trenches during non-construction periods. 
  • Aluminum shores: Aluminum shores utilize hydraulic pressure to support side trench walls that have unstable soil. The pressure helps prevent cave-ins for optimal worker safety. Our aluminum shores are available in sizes ranging from 1.5 feet to 9 feet long.
  • End shores: End shores are specifically designed for placement at the ends of pits and trenches, and they use hydraulic pressure to prevent cave-ins. Our end shores come in 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot sizes, and our hydraulic spreaders range in size between 26 to 40 inches and 108 to 144 inches.
  • Manhole boxes: Our manhole boxes feature a steel construction, four sides and bottom cut-outs. These boxes are specifically designed to protect workers during installations, repair work and inspections, and they're available in a wide range of sizes, from 2 feet x 6 feet 8 inches x 6 feet 8 inches to 8 feet x 10 feet x 10 feet. 
  • Pipe testing equipment: Herc Rentals' pipe testing equipment works on pipes up to 110 inches in length, and it comes with lock, bypass and high-pressure plugs to plug pipelines when necessary. 
  • Confined space equipment: Herc Rentals' confined space equipment includes an 8-inch axial blower with a built-in storage canister and ducting, a multi-leak gas detector and a 7-foot tripod that can withstand up to 5,000 pounds.
  • Storage containers: Our storage containers are crafted with steel and available in 4,800-pound and 8,400-pound sizes. These heavy-duty containers provide ample space to keep your tools, materials and equipment protected on job sites. 
  • Light towers: Available in metal, LED, solar and electric options, a light tower from Herc Rentals can help illuminate trenches and job sites when working in the dark. Specific run times range from 90 hours (max) to 300 hours (max).
  • Traffic safety equipment: Traffic safety equipment is essential when performing shoring and trench work on busy roadways. Our traffic safety equipment options include crash cushions for permanent and temporary barriers and crash barrels, concrete barriers and water-filled barricades and full-matrix, 3-line message boards.

Additional trench and shoring equipment products and services include:

  • Slide rail systems
  • Arch spreaders
  • Bedding boxes
  • Dirt sifter boxes
  • Hoist and rigging products
  • Site-specific engineering
  • Traffic control products
  • Construction lasers


Search our wide range of trench and shoring jobsite solutions and equipment to find the rentals you need for your excavation project. 



Services We Offer


In addition to equipment rentals, Herc offers supplemental services including flexible rentals, on-site delivery and pick-up, maintenance and repairs. At Herc Rentals, safety is our top priority. At your request, we're happy to provide both on-site and virtual safety training for employers and employees to ensure safe operation of our rental equipment. 


Find out how a Herc Plus partnership offers elite support to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.



Industries We Serve


Herc Rentals' trench and shoring team serves a variety of industries, including:

  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Infrastructure development 
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and gas
  • Facilities and property management
  • Municipalities
  • Remediation and restoration


Count on Herc Rentals


Herc Rentals offers multiple solutions for a wide range of trench and shoring projects, from excavation to irrigation installation. If you'd like to learn more about our rental equipment and services we provide, contact the team at Herc Rentals today.