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Industrial Project Management Equipment Rentals


For efficient industrial project management, the Herc Rentals ProResources™ team delivers the essential tools precisely when and where you need them. Our commitment to our customers extends far beyond tool rental. We're here to help you build a brighter future, providing dependable equipment that ensures your projects are completed safely and on time. Specializing in a comprehensive range of industrial project management solutions, we cater to critical sectors, including manufacturing, petroleum refinement, pulp and paper processing and power generation. 


Download our in-depth guide to explore our extensive range of industrial tools and services, safety training options and how Herc Rentals ProResources can help optimize your operations. 


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Industrial Project Management Applications


Herc Rentals ProResources provides a large and diverse range of industries with specialized equipment from leading brands, ensuring every job is completed with precision and safety. 


Manufacturing and Construction

For manufacturing facilities and construction sites, Herc Rentals provides essential machinery like forklifts, aerial platforms and excavators. These tools are crucial for material handling, lifting tasks and site preparation, helping streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Energy and Utilities

In the energy sector, especially within petroleum refinement and power generation, our equipment, such as generators and pumps, plays a critical role in maintaining operations. These tools ensure continuity and efficiency, particularly during peak demands or emergencies.


Event Planning and Management

For large events that require setting up stages or temporary structures, an articulated boom aerial liftscissor lift or forklift offers the necessary height and lifting capacity to safely manage setups and breakdowns, ensuring events go off without a hitch.


Warehouse Operations

Warehouses benefit greatly from our range of powered industrial trucks, including various classes of forklifts, to optimize the handling and storage of goods. Our equipment enhances operational efficiency and safety in these environments.

Pulp and Paper Processing

In the demanding environments of pulp and paper processing plants, Herc Rentals supplies equipment that supports heavy-duty processing and transportation needs. Equipped with our reliable, high-performance tools, you can ensure your production lines are always operational.


Emergency Response and Cleanup

Our pumps, generators and aerial platforms are indispensable during emergency response efforts, providing necessary support for cleanup and restoration projects after natural disasters or accidents.


Safety and Training Focused

Recognizing the importance of safety and enhancing workplace safety standards, Herc Rentals is dedicated to ensuring those operating our equipment are confident in its safe and efficient use. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of certified training courses. Led by our experienced experts, these programs can be held in our local classrooms or on your premises, whichever is more convenient.


Comprehensive Service and Support

In addition to our dependable, high-performance equipment, Herc Rentals offers exceptional support services, such as transportation, refueling, cleaning and preventative maintenance. This full-service approach ensures every client has access to the equipment they need in optimal condition, backed by reliable support throughout the rental period.


By choosing Herc Rentals ProResources, you're not just renting equipment. You're gaining a partner dedicated to supporting the success of your projects through best-in-class industrial project management solutions across a wide range of industries and applications.



Types of Industrial Project Management Equipment


Herc Rentals ProResources offers a wide selection of equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. From manufacturing project management tools to tools designed for construction events and emergency response, we have it all. Below, we list some of the key equipment in our extensive catalog and how it can help to enhance operations and improve safety. 



Air Tools


Air tools are essential when it comes to jobs requiring high efficiency and specific power-to-weight ratios. Herc Rentals provides: 

  • Air Drills and Air Grinders: Used for drilling, grinding and other fabrication tasks
  • Air Impact Wrenches and Air Manifolds: Critical for automotive and construction projects where a high torque output is required
  • Air Powered Fans and Air Saws: Enhance work environment safety and efficiency in cutting tasks
  • Fans + Blowers and Busters: Provide ventilation and are useful in demolition tasks 
  • Hammers and Rock Drills: Essential for breaking through hard materials and performing geological exploration or mining duties



Electrical Tools

Designed for precision and powered by electricity, these tools are vital for a multitude of tasks in construction and maintenance:

  • Drills and Drill Presses: From simple hand drills to stationary units for an industrial setting
  • Grinders and Saws: Perfect for cutting, polishing and finishing jobs in various materials



Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic tools provide higher power output and are ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications:

  • Jacks + Cylinders and Hydrostatic Test Pumps: Used in lifting heavy loads and testing pipelines for leaks
  • Split Flow Pumps, Hydraulic Torquing Tools and Pneumatic Torquing Tools: Necessary for precise bolting and maintenance
  • Tensioning Equipment: Critical in construction and maintenance for applying tension to bolts and screws




Proper lighting equipment is essential for safety and efficiency in nighttime or indoor operations:



Mechanical and Electrical Trades

We can provide tools specifically tailored for tasks in mechanical and electrical fields:

  • Pipe Threading and Grooving, Pipe Beveling Tools and Crimpers: For creating joints and assembling piping systems efficiently
  • Pipe Stands + Vises and Cable Pulling + Conduit Bending Tools: Support and manipulate heavy pipe and conduit installations
  • Sheaves, Rollers and Strut Shear Kits: Facilitate the handling and modifying of structural components
  • Fusion Machines and Flange Spreaders: Essential for pipe fusion and flange maintenance tasks




For material handling and lifting, these tools ensure operational safety and efficiency:



Storage and Job Trailers




Select from our comprehensive welding tools for joining and cutting metal materials:

  • Plasma Cutters and Welders: For precise cutting and joining of metals in fabrication and repair tasks
  • Welding Solutions and Quick References: Offer guidance and quick setup options for various welding applications

Explore our extensive collection of equipment and job site solutions today. Find the perfect tools to suit the task at hand with Herc Rentals ProResources.



Services We Offer


At Herc Rentals ProResources, we provide more than just equipment rentals. Our comprehensive services are designed to ensure your projects run smoothly and safely from start to finish. These are the key services we offer.



Equipment and Safety Training

We offer a range of industrial project management training solutions, including our operator certification courses and safety training. These courses and programs are designed to cover essential safety practices, comply with safety standards and enhance overall site safety. 



Flexible Rental Terms


Our adaptable rental durations allow you to rent equipment when you need it for as long as you need it. Whether you require equipment for a day, a week, a month or longer, we offer flexible rental terms. We also offer multiple payment options, including checks, major credit cards and commercial accounts for frequent customers. 



Delivery and Pickup Services


We're proud to have one of the largest delivery fleets in North America. No matter where you are or what equipment you need, we'll ensure prompt delivery on site and arrange pickup when you're ready. 


On-Site Support and Maintenance


We want you to get the best from any equipment you rent from us. It's why we perform regular preventative maintenance in line with manufacturers' recommendations. We also offer on-site repairs and maintenance and a 24-hour, 7 day-a-week emergency service to keep downtime to a minimum. 



Additional Support Services


Our job site analysis service allows us to recommend the most suitable and beneficial equipment for your site. Our experts are also available to provide advice and logistical support to help manage your equipment needs throughout your project's lifecycle. Plus, our ProControl industrial project management software lets you manage your tool rental from the palm of your hand. 

Discover the benefits of a Herc Plus partnership and experience elite support tailored to meet your needs. 



Industries We Serve


The Herc Rentals ProResources team provides advanced industrial project management solutions to a range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, energy and utilities. With our specialized equipment and strategic support, you can optimize operations and ensure your projects achieve their objectives. 



Count on Herc Rentals

You can rely on Herc Rentals to provide not just equipment, but also comprehensive industrial project management solutions tailored to the needs of your project. Our expertise and broad range of services ensure every aspect of your operations is supported. We're dedicated to helping you succeed with reliable, high-quality tools and unrivaled customer service. 


Contact Herc Rentals today to learn more about our equipment, services and solutions, designed to meet your specific requirements.