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Remedy and Restoration Equipment Rentals


When disaster strikes, you need expert assistance and top-of-the-line equipment to tackle challenges that go far beyond everyday hiccups. At Herc, we specialize in supplying remediation and restoration equipment rental to customers across North America, providing assistance for everything from minor hurdles to situations in which customers may be experiencing a catastrophic loss.


By pairing trusted equipment rentals with our technical expertise and turnkey setups that take the guesswork out of finding your way forward, we’re helping communities near and far regain their footing.


To learn more about Herc Rentals’ remediation and restoration solutions and equipment rental options near you, contact our experts today.



Specialized Equipment for Remedy and Restoration Applications


Remedy and restoration equipment is typically used not in everyday renovations and common construction builds but in the field to assist with clean up after disasters or in special scenarios that call for equipment outside your typical carts and forklifts.


Some remedy and restoration examples that might call for specialty equipment include:


  • Floors damaged by water, such as a home besieged by flooding
  • A construction site that needs to be cleaned up once the main work is completed
  • Buildings/sites that must be disinfected after a viral outbreak or other potentially dangerous contamination event
  • Extensive water damage, including walls and furniture, which require a desiccant humidifier
  • Complicated machinery, such as in a manufacturing plant, which requires assistance to move and deep clean
  • Natural disaster zones that require extensive cleanup due to hazardous materials, large debris and other pollutants
  • Cleaning and sterilizing health care facilities where sterile environments are of the utmost important
  • Mold remediation, especially in sensitive environments like hospitals and schools and large environments such as a big office building
  • Moving large objects, such as fallen trees or crumbled buildings, to make way for restoration efforts


Herc Rentals provides top brands and specialized equipment designed to help execute cleanup and total restoration projects the right way, every single time.


Types of Remediation and Restoration Equipment


From environmental remediation and recovery situations to health care settings where air quality and cleanliness matter more than ever, knowing what equipment to rent could heavily influence the outcome of your project.

  • Air conditioning units: AC units and other climate control equipment can be literally lifesaving when your team is working in less-than-ideal conditions. Explore options ranging from 1-ton air conditioners with heat that take up little room to units like the 7-Ton Hybrid Air Conditioner, 136 kW Heat, 718-2230 that can ventilate large areas while you work through hefty repairs.
  • Earthmoving equipment: Scoop, dig, move, load and unload dirt with earthmoving equipment that will help your crew reshape a job site or clear an undeveloped lot to make way for construction. Rentals like the 1,700-1,999 lbs. Compact Truck Loader, ROPS even allow you to switch between attachments, so you can shift mounds of dirt or lift chunks of concrete and fallen trees with equal ease.
  • Vacuums and dust control: Whether you’re battling debris left behind from a tornado or you just need to keep work site dust away from active patient care areas, you need commercial vacuums and dust control devices on-site. Look for commercial-grade motors and certified HEPA filters for cleaner, safer workspaces.
  • Job site solutions: As you work clearing debris and bringing essential systems back online, it’s important you keep an eye on safety. Surveillance equipment like solar-powered cameras can monitor equipment, workers and onlookers. Devices for traffic and crowd control direct vehicles to follow important detours and let travelers know if they’re about to encounter iffy conditions.
  • Portable lighting: You can’t fix what you can’t see, which is why portable lighting is vital when undertaking remediation and restoration work. Solar LED light towers like the 200W Solar Towable LED Light Tower have enough oomph to illuminate parking lots and construction sites without relying on the local power grid. Hazardous location lighting helps improve visibility while providing safe lighting in dangerous or explosion-prone areas.
  • Power generation: If you can’t rely on electricity due to downed wires or the fact that your job site isn’t yet hooked up to the power grid, you’ll need your own source of power. Towable generators, skid-mounted generators, load banks and fuel tanks are just some of the rentals that’ll help you operate lighting, climate control devices and other equipment.
  • Floor scrubbers: Dirty, wet and contaminated floors are a triple-threat of danger and risk. Slip-and-fall accidents, aesthetic damage and infection are all major concerns here, but you can mitigate the effects of water and viral influences by cleaning and sanitizing in one go. Rent a machine like the 40-54 in. Ride-On LPG Scrubber with an 80-gallon solution tank and 95-gallon recovery tank to help you clean and sanitize large areas uninterrupted.


Search our wide range of equipment and industry solutions to find the remediation and restoration equipment that best fits your needs.



Services We Offer


Herc Rentals is more than just on-demand equipment. Our mission is to provide you with the equipment, training and other support you need to achieve your desired results. To that end, we’re big on equipment and safety training, including large group and organization-wide training that prepares your crew to use rentals safely and effectively.


Our training services include theory training and hands-on practical evaluation, and attendees receive a wallet card certificate upon completion. Courses are geared toward specific machinery, such as the course teaching proper operation of powered industrial trucks, as well as more general courses regarding trench solutions, handling silica dust and increasing awareness of proper fall protection.


Perhaps our most important service is our ability to provide remediation and restoration turnkey setups. These soup-to-nuts offerings include equipment setup, service and management, so all you have to worry about is the task at hand. Rely on our industry experts to get your rentals up and running. In the rare event something goes wrong, just call on our team, and we’ll address maintenance needs ASAP.


Other services include:


  • Flexible rentals to meet job-specific needs
  • Delivery and pickup
  • On-site maintenance



Partner With Herc Plus


Whether you’re after specific remediation and restoration equipment or more general construction tools, a partnership with Herc Plus will give you consistent first-rate support from initial contact until your project is done and dusted. Perks, such as customized ordering, single-point contact, priority fleeting and access to a comprehensive online portal, take equipment rental to the next level.


With Herc Plus, you can manage rentals, pay bills and track equipment seamlessly.


Explore Herc Plus in detail to see how this elite partnership delivers high levels of support to help you increase your business and solve challenges as they happen.



Count on Herc Rentals


At Herc Rentals, we take pride in both our restoration technical expertise and our diverse portfolio of high-quality remediation and restoration tools. From natural disasters to dirty construction sites, when you’re in need of power, cleaning equipment or a helping hand moving major debris, Herc is standing by to assist.


Contact Herc Rentals to learn more about our equipment rentals, stellar customer service, various commercial solutions and experience with emergency response.