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Cooling, Heating and Air Quality


For temporary heating, cooling, drying or dehumidification, Herc Rentals has the gear and experts on hand to assist a broad range of customers with efficient and effective solutions.


Whether your needs are specific for construction, keeping cold or heat sensitive equipment working efficiently in extreme climate events, or temporary solutions following a disaster or an emergency, you can rest assured knowing our team and equipment is ready to respond.



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When you partner with Herc Plus

Your national business will benefit from a variety of features, including customized ordering, a single point of contact, and priority fleeting and support.


Heating and Cooling Applications


Herc Rentals offers temporary heating and cooling equipment for personal comfort, maintaining equipment effectiveness and efficiency, as well as in response to disasters or emergencies.


Our experienced team provides heating and cooling equipment for construction, offices, the healthcare and hospitality industry, manufacturing, events, and warehouses. Our goal is to ensure our customers avoid long lapses in productivity and maintain or restore safe ambient conditions.


With a footprint that spans North America and a team of experts at the ready 24/7, we can rapidly respond to any unplanned emergency, HVAC system failure, as well as provide hydronic hot water to facilities during boiler outage or failure.



24-7 Emergency Response

Remediation Vehicles are loaded with the right equipment for all your remediation, restoration and cooling needs.


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Drying/Dehumidification Applications


Controlling or removing moisture from a wide range of applications is easy when you have Herc Rentals on your side. Our experienced team delivers exceptional service and the latest gear from the top brands to help you with your drying/dehumidification needs.


Our solutions and equipment can help you control moisture during interior finish work of new construction, work at power generating facilities, food and beverage processing, tank/vessel resurfacing or painting, and in packaging and distribution facilities. Our team also has the expertise and gear to remove moisture during manufacturing processes, following an interior flood as well as to aggressively remove moisture in restoration and remediation processes.


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Industries We Serve


Our team is committed to providing efficient, effective, and safe solutions to a wide range of customers, including those in construction, aerospace, event planning and entertainment, facilities and property management, government facilities, utilities, hospitality, healthcare, infrastructure, manufacturing, petrochemical and refining, shipyard operations, power generation, restoration and remediation and warehousing.


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