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Emergency and Standby Power Solutions Equipment Rentals


Since 1965, Herc Rentals has served as a leader in equipment rentals for a wide range of industries. With approximately 400 branches throughout the United States and Canada, Herc provides the emergency and standby electrical equipment you need, where and when you need it.  


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Emergency and Standby Power Solutions Applications


From temporary construction sites to medical facilities that operate 24/7, there are many environments in which a standby power system can help ensure uninterrupted electricity in the event of an outage. Refrigeration equipment, medical equipment, heavy machinery and air conditioning rely on consistent electricity to operate efficiently, and a sudden loss of power can result in serious consequences. 


For example, grocery stores and busy restaurants rely on industrial refrigerators and freezers for optimal food safety. During a power outage, a closed refrigerator will only keep food safe for around four hours, while a full freezer can keep items cold for up to 48 hours. A standby generator can help prevent food spoilage by starting up immediately after the power goes out. 


In medical facilities, reliable power is an absolute necessity. From overhead lighting, phones and computers to life-saving medical devices and X-ray machines, time is of the essence during an unexpected power loss. Backup generators help ensure that hospital heating and cooling systems, surgical equipment and security systems stay up and running. They also keep refrigerated medications and medical supplies such as plasma and tissue samples stable. 


At Herc Rentals, we offer standby emergency generator equipment that can power on within seconds of an outage. Our gas- and diesel-powered generators are also ideal for use in environments where consistent power is crucial, such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Industrial plants
  • Government facilities


Standby power equipment is also beneficial for a variety of non-emergency applications. Temporary construction and project sites often require reliable power sources, especially when structures are being built from the ground up. From spider boxes to diesel-powered generators and more, Herc Rentals has everything you need to get your job site up and running. 


When you choose Herc Rentals, you'll have access to top industry brands and specialized equipment to get the job done right.



Types of Emergency and Standby Power Equipment


Herc Rentals offers a large assortment of standby and emergency power equipment for various applications and industries. Whether you're looking to rent a temporary power source for a construction site or you want to be prepared in the event of an outage in your warehouse or facility, we've got you covered. 

Our equipment options include:

  • Diesel generators. Commonly used on construction sites and in warehouse settings, diesel generators are powered by diesel engines and electric generators. The machines convert diesel fuel into usable electricity through combustion. Larger diesel generators can run between 10,000 and 50,000 hours, allowing for continuous power. 
  • Gas-powered portable generators. A gas-powered portable generator is ideal for use in rental yards and rural areas, and they're compact enough for easy transport on vehicles. Portable generators are designed to run between 150 and 200 hours at a time.
  • Auxiliary fuel tanks. Herc Rentals' auxiliary fuel tanks provide a reliable backup fuel supply for busy worksites. Depending on the specific size, an auxillary fuel tank can hold between 250 and 2,388 gallons of fuel. Having a fuel tank on-site helps reduce downtime while increasing productivity.
  • Distribution panels. Designed to support temporary and emergency power systems, our distribution panels are suitable for use with standby generators and power circuits. Herc Rentals' panel board options include disconnect panels, I-Line vertical panels and auto-transfer panels. 
  • Distribution boxes. Distribution boxes distribute power from main or primary power lines and help prevent circuit overload. Herc Rentals offers several models to meet your power needs. Choose from 200 to 400 amperage power units, or opt for a spider box offering 50 amps. 
  • Load banks. Load banks help ensure that your generator runs efficiently, and Herc Rentals has several options to choose from. Offering 125 to 3,000 KW per phase, load banks are essential in preventing power loss during unexpected outages. Core features include color-coded power connectors, push-button emergency stops and backlight LCD displays. 
  • Transformers. Herc Rentals' transformers are designed to transfer energy from single energy circuits to other single or multiple circuits. These machines create a safe zone between primary and secondary circuits, which helps prevent shocks and external overloads. Our transformers range in size from 15 KV to 1,000 KVA, with options including step-down and mill panel transformers.
  • Cabling. Herc Rentals provides cabling suitable for use with generators, load banks, transformers and more. Our cable sets include spider box cables, feeder cables, wire banded tails and cable ramps, with lengths ranging from 10 to 50 feet. 

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Services We Offer


Herc Rentals offers a variety of services, including flexible rentals, on-site delivery and pick-up and on-site maintenance to ensure you get the best out of your emergency power equipment rentals. Safety always comes first with Herc Rentals, and we want to ensure that everyone on your team can operate our equipment safely and efficiently. We offer virtual and instructor-led safety training, and our trainers can also visit your location to conduct on-site equipment and in-person safety training sessions.


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Industries We Serve


Herc Rentals provides emergency and standby power equipment to businesses in a broad range of industries, including health care facilities, manufacturing plants and construction sites. Our clients include industrial plants and factories, general contractors, government facilities and more.



Count on Herc Rentals


Emergency and standby power equipment helps ensure you can continue operations efficiently in the event of an unforeseen power outage or when your project requires a temporary power source. Herc Rentals' emergency generators and electric distribution equipment are suitable for a wide range of industries and ready to go when you need them the most. To learn more about our rental equipment and services, contact Herc Rentals today.