Safety Training

Safe operation of our rental equipment is a top priority. Safety first, safety always. We offer Equipment Safe Operation Training, and train the trainer courses, with top-notch instructors for many of the equipment categories we rent.

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All courses include theory training and hands-on practical evaluation. Upon successful course completion, you’ll be issued a wallet card certificate.


Courses include but are not limited to:


For additional details about training please download the safety training flyer and line card found below:




First, and Always, Think Safety


Herc Rentals requires an active commitment to, and personal accountability for, safety and safety compliance from all team members and contractors. Operations leaders have a key role in the communication and implementation of, and ensuring adherence to, Safety and compliance policies and standards.


As part of our ongoing commitment to Safety, we will:

  • Protect and strive for improvement in the safety and health of our teammates at all times;
  • Eliminate accidents and non-conformance to safety policies, procedures and practices;
  • Safely meet specified customer requirements and ensure continuous customer satisfaction;
  • Set safety performance objectives, measure results, assess and continually improve processes and services, through the use of effective safety programs and processes;
  • Responsibly plan for, and swiftly respond to and resolve safety-related events;
  • Communicate openly with internal and external stakeholders and ensure an understanding of our safety policies, standards, programs and performance;
  • Recognize and reward outstanding safety performance;
  • Improve our performance on safety issues relevant to our internal and external stakeholders that are of concern and on which we can have an impact, and share with them our knowledge of successful safety programs and initiatives;
  • Comply with applicable safety legislation, regulations, and industry standards;
  • Promote a culture where "Stop Work" is an individual obligation and company responsibility;
  • Identify and implement effective management related to safety risks;
  • Allocate appropriate resources to honor our safety commitment;
  • Commit to making everyday a "Perfect Day."


The commitments listed here are in addition to our basic obligation to comply with the Herc Rentals Vision, Mission, Values and Code of Conduct, as well as all applicable laws and regulations where we operate. This commitment is critical to our business success because it allows us to systematically prevent and/or minimize losses and adds value for all our stakeholders. 


Safety First is Safety Always

Invest in tomorrow- work safe today.

Equipment Familiarization


At Herc Rentals, we have the equipment safety training where and when you need it. We have a wide range of high quality operator safety training classes. Our classroom and hands-on training sessions help meet your training requirements while preparing each operator to get the job done right.



Familiarization Upon Delivery


Upon delivery, the Driver shall complete the following with the person receiving the Aerial Platform/Forklift:

  • Identify the weather resistant compartment (for manual storage).
  • Confirm that the manuals, as specified by the manufacturer, are on the Aerial Platform/Forklift.
  • Review control functions with the operator or person designated by the customer.
  • Review safety devices specific to the model Aerial Platform/Forklift being delivered.



Difference between General Training & Familiarization


  • Classroom/Formal Training
  • Hands-On Evaluation
  • Hands-On Instruction only
  • Time 10-45 minutes


Familiarization Does Not Satisfy Requirements for Certification


Training is available at your local branch or at your job site.


Course Information


Herc Rentals can deliver Equipment Safe Operation Training to our customers using our Qualified Instructors for the following equipment we rent:

  • Operator Training & Train the Trainer courses available
  • In-Person Instructor Led or Virtual Instructor Led Training options available
  • MEWP (Aerial Lifts)
    • Boom, Scissor, Manually Propelled, Towable, Atrium
    • Classifications 3A, 3B, 1A, & 1B
    • Operator & Supervisor Training
  • Film & Entertainment Supplemental Rigging & Cribbing for MEWP
  • Fall Protection
    • MEWP Focused (USA)
    • General (USA)
    • Working at Heights (Ontario Canada)
    • Energy Safety Canada
    • Fall Protection Essentials (Canada)
  • Rough Terrain Forklift (Telehandler)
    • Class 7 Powered Industrial Truck
  • Warehouse Forklift
    • Class 1, 4, & 5 Powered Industrial Truck
  • Dirt Equipment
    • Skid Steer, Excavator, Wheel Loader
  • Bucket Truck
  • Roto Telehandler
  • Trench Solutions
  • Confined Space
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Electric Pallet Jack
    • Class 3 Powered Industrial Truck
  • Narrow Aisle Forklift
    • Class 2 Powered Industrial Truck
  • Ground Support Equipment
    • Class 6 Powered Industrial Truck
  • Spider Crane (Less than 2000 pounds)
  • Utility Vehicle (UTV)
  • Silica Dust Control & Table 1
  • Additional Courses Available

Our General Training format includes:

  • Formal Instruction (e.g., lecture, discussion, written material and Manufacturer's training material)
  • Practical Training (Demonstrations and Exercises performed by the Trainee)
  • Evaluation of the Operator’s performance in the Workplace (In collaboration with the customer)

In our courses we review:

  • Equipment-Related Topics
  • Workplace-Related Topics
  • Plant/Site Specific Rules
  • Personal Protective Equipment Requirements

Fleet Safety


Equipment Specifications


We purchase equipment from only the most respected and trusted manufacturers. In turn, they provide us with state-of-the-art models and types that meet or exceed Federal and industry safety standards such as ANSI, NFPA, SAE and CSA.



Observance of Manufacturer Safety Campaigns


When a manufacturer notifies Herc Rentals about safety campaign requiring some modification or upgrade, we take prompt action; with our maintenance mechanics or the manufacturer's mechanics.



Early Equipment Retirement


We maintain the superiority of your rental fleet by retiring our equipment at an early age. By replacing equipment while it is still relatively young, we can give our customers equipment outfitted with latest safety features.



Maintenance Training


Our maintenance mechanics attend schools held by the manufacturers in an in-depth, classroom-type environment. They also attend periodic refresher courses and sessions at the branch (sometimes complemented by the manufacturers). Training topics include, but are not limited to, diagnostic, prevention maintenance, servicing, and operational safety guidelines.



Rental Equipment Inspections


We invest a considerable amount of time and resource in performing "A" and "B" Service, examining the unit's safety equipment, documenting maintenance and repairs. We also ensure that each piece of equipment has legible warning labels, a weather resistant case holding an operator's and manuals and other safety features such as: functioning seat belts (if equipped), functioning backup alarm (if equipped), and functioning interlocks.



Familiarization of Rented Equipment


Upon delivery, Herc Rentals Delivery Personnel can provide equipment familiarization which typically includes: identifying the weather resistant compartment (for manual storage); confirming that the manuals, as specified by the manufacturer on the equipment; reviewing control functions; reviewing safety devices specific to the model equipment being delivered; and reviewing equipment daily operator maintenance requirements.