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Facilities and Property Management Equipment Rentals


Maintaining a safe, clean facility or property requires daily attention from owners and managers. To help you build an efficient operation, Herc Rentals offers a wide variety of rental equipment and turnkey property management solutions. Our professional sales and service teams provide top-tier service for both routine maintenance and emergency-response situations — we're standing by to deliver equipment to your location when you need it most.


For an in-depth discussion about how our facilities and property management equipment can benefit your business, contact the Herc Rentals team.



Specialized Equipment for Facilities and Property Management Applications


Facilities and property management requires a great deal of equipment. From maintenance to cleaning, the process relies heavily on industrial-quality machines. Facility equipment rentals can help you keep key systems up and running when your in-house equipment is out of commission.


At Herc Rentals, we provide fast access to the specialized equipment and quality brands you need to keep your properties in top shape. For example, our collection of rental floor care equipment makes it easy to maintain clean, polished floors in a commercial or industrial property — even if your usual gear is under repair. And when your maintenance vehicles are in the shop, our fleet vehicles get technicians where they need to go.


Depending on the size and type of property, you might also use facility equipment rentals to support planned maintenance projects. It doesn't always make financial sense to purchase gear that you use occasionally, such as hydraulic tools or pipe-testing equipment. Our equipment offers a cost-efficient way to expand your maintenance capacities on a temporary, as-needed basis.


Do you have a construction or renovation project on the horizon? Fit out the work site with specialized property management equipment rentals. We offer a wide range of trade and contractor tools to suit both large and small jobs. Use trench and shoring equipment for sewer-line upgrades or foundation repairs, and look to industrial project management solutions for large-scale endeavors. Once the job is complete, rely on our lawn care rentals to revitalize your landscaping.


In an emergency situation, such as a natural disaster or flooding due to a drainage system failure, Herc Rentals provides a range of gear to restore your property's normal operations. After a hurricane knocks out your electrical supply, our emergency and standby power solutions can keep baseline systems online. And if your HVAC system is damaged by a winter storm or an unexpected deep freeze, our cooling, heating and air quality products help maintain a safe environment for building occupants and expensive industrial equipment while you wait for a repair team.


Types of Facilities and Property Management Equipment


Whether you're managing a single building or a portfolio of properties, surprises are inevitable. At Herc Rentals, we offer a full inventory of facilities and property management equipment to help you navigate any situation that arises. Our selection includes:



Are you looking for a specific item? Search our collection of equipment and solutions for the facilities and property management industry.



Services We Offer


In addition to our inventory of facilities and property management equipment, Herc Rentals provides an array of services to support your operation. One of our most popular offerings is equipment and safety training — our experienced instructors deliver a powerful mix of theory and hands-on practice that prepares your staff for safe equipment usage. We can accommodate a range of scenarios, from large groups to organization-wide courses. Choose from a range of topics to suit your property management safety needs, from general fall protection to specialized mobile elevated working platform (MEWP) training.


Other facility maintenance support services we offer include:


  • Flexible rentals. Work with our team to create a rental agreement that suits your specific facility or property requirements. 
  • Rental protection plans. These plans provide financial protection when rental equipment is damaged at one of your properties or job sites.
  • Equipment delivery and pick-up. Our team can deliver and pick up equipment, so you don't need to worry about transport logistics in situations where time is an issue.
  • On-site maintenance. Need help maintaining the equipment you rent? Talk to our team about on-site maintenance plans.
  • Credit accounts. With a Herc Rentals credit account, you can access rental equipment quickly when emergencies arise.


Our team develops comprehensive solutions for clients across a range of industries. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss a custom services and equipment package.



Partner With Herc Plus


Facilities and property management is a demanding job; Herc Plus provides the elite support you need to streamline multiple projects. As a member, you'll get a custom ordering experience and priority fleeting. Plus, with a single point of contact, you always know who to call when a question arises. Your contact is available to help at every point in the rental process. Want to learn more? Find out how a Herc Plus partnership can provide the high-level support you need to manage properties effectively.



Count on Herc Rentals


Herc Rentals maintains a national footprint with regional support; we leverage our extensive network to provide access to a wide range of property and facilities management equipment. Whether you're thinking ahead to major maintenance projects or managing an emergency, our team is always ready to help you find the right solutions. We're proud to be a critical resource for your operation. To learn more about how Herc Rentals can fulfill your equipment and service needs, contact us today.