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Government and Municipalities Equipment Rentals


When you need access to a comprehensive range of government and municipalities equipment, you need Herc Rental. From heating and cooling solutions and temporary power to trucks, forklifts and aerial work platforms, we have the tools you need to keep your operations on track and your reputation intact. 


As a full-service equipment rental company, we're dedicated to providing best-in-class tools and solutions over flexible rental periods. Whether you need to elevate maintenance operatives to work at height safely or manage large-scale infrastructure projects, we have the tools for the job. Choose from our extensive selection of air compressors, earthmoving gear and facility maintenance equipment. 


While we're government and municipalities equipment rental experts, our services don't stop there. We can also offer equipment operation and safety training, reliable delivery and pickup services and on-site support. We also guarantee any equipment you rent from us operates at peak performance, helping you minimize downtime and maximize productivity. 


Browse our catalog of rental tools and equipment, or get in touch with our experts to find out more about our support and training services. 



Specialized Equipment For Government and Municipalities Applications


Make Herc Rentals your trusted partner in government and municipalities equipment rental and experience service and support you can count on. We offer a wide selection of specialized equipment for this critical sector from some of the most respected brands in the market. Whether you need to move, power, lift or cool, we provide the tools and expertise to ensure your projects run smoothly. 


From planned project support and day-to-day maintenance to the technical assistance required for emergency and unplanned events, we serve the needs of local, state and federal governments. We aim to cut through the red tape, delivering effective, safe and efficient rental solutions tailored to your exact needs. 


Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure projects, such as road construction, bridge building and public facility upgrades, require robust and reliable tools and equipment. Herc Rentals provides:


  • Earthmoving equipment: Our range includes excavators, bulldozers and backhoes to handle large-scale digging, grading and earthmoving tasks.
  • Compaction gear: Rollers and compactors ensure solid, stable foundations for roads, bridges and buildings.


Facility Maintenance

Maintaining public buildings and facilities demands versatile and efficient tools. Herc Rentals supports these tasks with:

  • Aerial work platforms: Our range of aerial work platforms includes scissor lifts and boom lifts that provide safe access to high and hard-to-reach areas for maintenance and repairs.
  • Floor care and surface preparation: Floor scrubbers, buffers and sanders keep public spaces clean and well-maintained.


Public Works

For essential public works projects, such as water and sewer system repairs, park maintenance and street cleaning, Herc Rentals offers:

  • Lawn and landscaping equipment: Mowers, wood chippers and landscaping tools keep public parks and green spaces well-groomed.
  • Concrete and masonry tools: Mixers, saws and drills ensure efficient concrete pouring, cutting and masonry work.


Emergency Response

In emergency situations, you need rapid access to essential equipment. Herc Rentals provides the tools necessary for effective emergency response:

  • Temporary power equipment: Our generators and power distribution equipment ensure continuous power supply during outages and disaster recovery efforts.
  • Air compressors and air tools: Air compression equipment is essential for powering emergency repair tools and equipment.


Climate Control

Keeping government facilities comfortable and operational year-round is essential. Herc Rentals offers:

  • Portable heating and cooling: Regulate temperature in public buildings with temporary climate control solutions such as electric heaters and portable AC units. 

From emergency events equipment to heating and cooling equipment, we offer an extensive inventory so your projects are delivered smoothly, efficiently and safely. We'll help you ensure public services are uninterrupted and the facilities you're responsible for are maintained to the highest standard. 



Types of Government and Municipalities Equipment


At Herc Rentals, we understand the unique nature and demands of government and municipal projects. It's why we've created an extensive inventory of government and municipal tools to ensure you have the right tools for every scenario. Our equipment rentals are designed to provide safety, drive productivity and enhance operations. 


Earthmoving Equipment

Large-scale infrastructure projects require reliable and robust equipment that can handle mammoth earthmoving tasks with ease. Our excavator machinery, backhoes and bulldozers can handle extensive digging, grading and earthmoving tasks and come with impressive spec sheets. Whether your next project is constructing a new road, building a bridge or carrying out government facility maintenance, our equipment provides precision and power where it's needed. Our compactors and rollers create stable foundations and ensure surfaces meet safety standards and support long-term stability. 


Aerial Work Platforms

Maintenance of public facilities and government buildings can often involve operatives working at height. Our aerial work platforms provide safe and efficient access for high and hard-to-reach areas. From our scissor lifts to our articulating boom lifts, these platforms ensure your teams can work efficiently and safely, whether they're cleaning windows, carrying out inspections or repairing lighting. 


Cleaning and Maintenance

To keep public spaces clean and well-maintained, we offer a wide range of floor scrubbers, buffers and sanders. Our cleaning and maintenance rental tools are essential for maintaining a pleasant and safe environment and provide value for money that protects your bottom line. 


Landscaping Equipment

Public works projects, such as water and sewer system repairs, park maintenance and street cleaning, demand reliable equipment. Our mowers, wood chippers and landscaping tools are essential for keeping parks and green spaces well-groomed and inviting. 


Concrete and Masonry Tools

For public infrastructure projects, we provide mixers, concrete saws and core drills for efficient concrete pouring, cutting and masonry work. These tools are vital for ensuring durable and high-quality construction, supporting a wide range of public works projects from sidewalks to structural repairs.


Emergency Response Equipment

Rapid access to reliable equipment is critical in an emergency situation. Our temporary power equipment includes portable generators and power distribution equipment to provide essential power during disaster recovery efforts and outages. We also supply air compressors and air tools that can power emergency repair tools, helping teams respond quickly to urgent situations. 


Climate Control

When you need to maintain comfortable and operational environments, you need heating and cooling equipment that's reliable and responsive. From electric heaters to portable AC solutions, this equipment gives you complete control of your environment. Whether you want to regulate the temperature in public buildings or have equipment available for unexpected outages, our climate control range of tools has what you need. 


No matter what the scenario or application, Herc Rentals offers a wide selection of government and municipalities equipment you can trust. From routine maintenance on public buildings to emergency outages that require swift response and reliable tools, our extensive range of specialized equipment has you covered. 



Services We Offer


At Herc Rentals, we provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to enhance operations in government and municipal projects. Our offerings are designed to improve efficiency, ensure safety and keep your projects running smoothly:


  • Equipment and safety training: Equip your team with the skills they need to operate our equipment efficiently and safely through our detailed training programs. We can arrange training for large groups at our local classrooms or in-house training throughout your organization.
  • Flexible rentals: Choose rental periods that suit your project needs, with short-term and long-term equipment use options. You might also be interested in our financing options to make rental more affordable. 
  • Delivery and pickup: Take advantage of our swift and dependable delivery and pickup services to minimize downtime and ensure timely access to equipment.
  • On-site maintenance: Maintain peak performance of your equipment with our scheduled equipment maintenance services and around-the-clock emergency support.


Partner With Herc Plus


Maximize the benefits of our rental equipment and services by joining our exclusive Herc Plus program. As a Herc Plus partner, you'll receive premium support services tailored specifically to meet the needs of government and municipal projects and commitments. 


Benefits of Herc Plus Partnership

  • Customized ordering: Enjoy consistent pricing, streamlined billing and dedicated support for every order, ensuring a hassle-free rental experience.
  • Single point of contact: Maintain clear and efficient communication with a single point of contact, providing you with personalized updates and direct access to senior leadership.
  • Seamless service and support: Become a national account holder and benefit from efficient ordering, comprehensive support and simplified billing processes.
  • Priority fleeting and support: Optimize your rental fleet with quarterly utilization reviews and fleet optimization charts, ensuring you always have the right equipment for the job.
  • Online portal access: Manage your rentals, orders and billing seamlessly through our dedicated online portal. Our intuitive telematics platform gives you complete control over your equipment management and spend. 


For more information, contact to begin your Herc Plus partnership.



Count on Herc Rentals


When it comes to government and municipal projects, every moment and public dollar counts. Herc Rentals is the name you can trust to provide the equipment you need, precisely when and where you need it. 


Contact Herc Rentals today or explore our comprehensive catalog of equipment. With nearly 60 years of expertise in equipment rental, we're the only partner you need to achieve your project goals.


Government and Municipalities


From day-to-day maintenance and planned project support to the technical assistance needed in response to unplanned or emergency events, Herc Rentals has the experience and experts local, state, and federal governments need to cut through the red tape and deliver efficient, effective, and safe solutions for any jobsite specifics. 





Whether in government or higher education, Herc Rentals has the latest equipment and knowhow to ensure your project stays on schedule and results are satisfactory. Equipment we offer includes temporary power, heating and cooling, a wide range of trucks, aerial work platforms, forklifts, air compressors and air tools, as well as gear related to compaction, concrete and masonry, earthmoving, facility maintenance, floorcare and surface preparation, ground protection, lawn and landscaping. 

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With more than 50 years of serving educational and governmental sectors, Herc Rentals has contract options for state and local government and higher education partners. From strategic services to help improve safety, asset and facility management, and backend solutions, Herc Rentals provides a one-stop shop offering 24/7 helpful support by phone or in person.


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