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Let Our Safety Drive Your Business

Let Our Safety Drive Your Business

Herc Rentals prioritizes the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and communities. Our culture embraces an active commitment to, and personal accountability for, safety and safety compliance from all employees and contractors. Operations leaders have a key role in the communication and implementation of, and ensuring adherence to, Safety and compliance policies and standards.

At Herc Rentals, we are refining “safety as a value” by increasing the time we spend on safety activities. Our extensive daily Toolbox Safety Meetings continue communication on safety basics, aid in maintaining OSHA & DOT compliance, and challenge our team members to recognize hazards and unsafe working conditions.

We equip our customers and communities to build a brighter future. Herc Rentals is available to partner with your project manager at your next lunch and learn.


What Does Safety Cost You

Injuries — According to OSHA one contusion can cost an employer over $58,000 between direct and indirect costs. Electric shock injuries are associated with over $200,000 in additional costs.

OSHA Citations — Today, a serious violation can fetch a maximum penalty of $13,260, and a willful or repeat violation can cost up to $132,598. However, the greatest hidden cost is the loss of business opportunity.


The Perfect Day

In 2018, we adopted the concept of the “Perfect Day,” which is defined as a working day across our entire company in which we have:

  • No OSHA recordable incidents;
  • No DOT Violations
  • No “at fault” motor vehicle accidents.


All our operating regions achieved at least 85% Perfect Days in 2018. We are committed to improving our Perfect Day performance and achieving the 100% mark we aspire to.