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Utility Vehicle (UTV) Safety Training Course


Utility task vehicles (UTVs) are off-road vehicles used in various industries, including farming, construction, surveying and landscaping. They are designed to seat two passengers side by side and are typically used to move heavy loads and haul equipment on worksites with difficult terrain. Utility vehicles have general safety features like emergency brakes and seatbelts, but they are not equipped with roll bars or windshields. 


OSHA guidance for the safe operation of a UTV recommends that all operators complete machine-specific, industry-recognized training courses for safe and correct UTV operation. Herc Rentals' Utility Vehicle (UTV) Safety Course provides operators with the necessary training to safely operate utility vehicles on busy worksites. 



Overview of Utility Vehicle (UTV) Safety Training


The UTV safety training course covers a wide range of topics pertaining to UTV safety on work sites such as construction sites, farms and other outdoor locations. Course options include in-person training, either at your worksite or a Herc location and virtual training (when available).


Some common UTV topics reviewed in the course include safe driving and machine operation, identifying hazards, navigating rough terrain and more. This course also covers safety guidelines such as speed limits, personal protective gear (goggles, safety boots, etc.), inspections and company-specific UTV safety policies. 


Theory, hands-on training and evaluations combine for a well-rounded training course that covers the basic fundamentals of UTV operation. UTV accidents can lead to serious injuries with long-term consequences, and many are caused by poor visibility, speeding and other types of operator error. Our UTV safety training course educates employees and employers on how to reduce risks that can lead to unnecessary accidents. 


Our general training course format offers:

  • In-person classroom-style instruction with written materials, manufacturer's training materials and formal lectures and discussions
  • Hands-on practical training (includes demonstrations and exercises performed by trainees)
  • On-site workplace operator evaluations in collaboration with customers


In our safety training courses we review:

  • Equipment-focused topics
  • Workplace-centered topics
  • Plant/worksite-specific rules and safety regulations
  • Staff requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE)


Our Utility Vehicle (UTV) Safety Course covers:

  • Equipment anatomy: Our UTV training instructors will cover basic equipment anatomy (seats, steering, control arms, etc.).
  • Safe riding/driving techniques: Herc Rentals UTV safety course reviews safe riding techniques for UTVs (wearing safety gear, handling slopes and ramps, avoiding sharp turns, etc.).
  • Braking and controls: Our trainers will go over safe braking practices and discuss braking controls (emergency brake, parking brake, gas pedal, etc.).
  • Navigating obstacles: Trainees will learn about different obstacles to look out for when driving UTVs based on their work environments (construction sites, landscaping, agricultural, etc.).
  • Maintenance: During the UTV safety training course, Herc Rentals' instructors will advise on the importance of periodic maintenance to ensure safe operations.
  • Safety inspections: Trainees will learn about conducting proper UTV safety inspections prior to use.
  • Identifying common hazards on worksites: Herc Rentals' UTV safety course covers how to identify hazards that can hinder visibility and driving (bumpy terrain, unexpected ditches or holes, blind spots, etc.).
  • Vehicle stability: Our instructors will review vehicle stability and advise on factors such as towing and balancing heavy loads and preventing rollover accidents. 
  • Traversing: UTVs are commonly utilized on farmland, construction sites and other areas with uneven terrain and natural obstacles. The utility vehicle safety training course reviews how choosing low-grade routes and assessing terrain before driving may help lower the risk of tipping and rollovers. 


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Why Is the Utility Vehicle (UTV) Safety Training Important?


While specific OSHA guidelines for UTV safety in the workplace can vary by state, most states require employers to provide operators with safety training and instruction to ensure safe and correct operation.


Inadequate maintenance, poor visibility and failure to adhere to speed limit guidelines are all issues that can result in accidents and injuries. On-the-job injuries can create a snowball effect of missed work time, lost employee wages, higher insurance premiums and other issues and challenges that may be difficult to bounce back from.


Having an appropriate safety plan in place and providing the necessary training to all UTV operators on your worksite can significantly reduce the number of worksite accidents and injuries. Safety training can also help create a more safety-conscious work culture, where employees are better able to recognize potential hazards and take the appropriate measures to prevent accidents. 


At Herc Rentals, we follow the motto Safety First - Safety Always. This means that our team is 100% committed to providing the necessary safety training for our rental equipment. This covers everything from basic safety fundamentals to the importance of safety inspections, and our professional instructors have extensive experience with Herc equipment. 



What You'll Get Out of the Utility Vehicle (UTV) Safety Course 


Herc Rentals' Utility Vehicle (UTV) Safety Course is in compliance with all applicable safety legislation, regulations and industry standards. The course combines hands-on practical instruction and theory for comprehensive training that satisfies the safety requirements for utility vehicle safety in the workplace. 


Following successful completion of the UTV safety course, all trainees will be issued wallet card certificates. Participating in and completing the safety training will help ensure all operators have the necessary tools and skills to operate utility vehicles safely and efficiently on worksites. 


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