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Trench Solutions Safety Training Course


Having skilled, competent people on deck when you need innovative trench solutions helps you improve your construction business's excavation processes — and your reputation. That's where Herc Rentals comes in with our trench solutions safety course that helps you maintain compliance with industry standards and safeguards workers on your job sites. Our comprehensive course covers OSHA trench safety training and includes a trench safety certification to keep your company on top of all relevant federal regulations.


Get on-site trench safety training from Herc Rentals for added convenience. Our expert trainers understand just what your employees need to know when dealing with everything from trench shoring equipment to an irrigation trenching machine, bringing the latest in industry knowledge combined with practical job experience straight to your location. As your crew completes their trench safety certification, they'll learn all the essential skills they need to safely operate in virtually any trenching and excavation situation.



Overview of Trench Solutions Safety Training


Empower your staff with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for performing trenching tasks and working in confined spaces with Herc Rentals’ trench safety training. Some of the topics we cover include trench competent person and confined spaces training.


Trench Competent Person


A trench competent person is an employee designated to take on specialized tasks. Their knowledge and training mitigate certain risks by helping them identify specific hazards, implement preventative protocols and respond to emergency events. After receiving their trench safety certification, this person should have the authority to take quick corrective actions on job sites to eliminate hazards and prevent accidents.



Confined Spaces


Confined spaces training helps employees identify hazards associated with working in tighter areas, especially below ground in excavations. Our training simulates situations to evaluate how well workers respond to potential emergencies and provides hands-on chances to apply the skills they learn. They also learn how to coordinate and communicate with emergency personnel, the ins and outs of personal protective gear and how to effectively use atmospheric monitoring equipment for added below-ground safety.



How We Provide Trench Safety Training


Our detailed program includes formal instruction, practical training and operator performance evaluations, ensuring employees who receive our trench safety certification thoroughly understand the work and have the hands-on experience necessary for safe, successful performance. Let’s look at what goes into each portion of our OSHA trench safety training program. 



Formal Instruction


Our on-site trainers use a variety of methods to teach your employees innovative trench solutions. We incorporate manufacturers' training materials so they understand how to properly operate trench shoring equipment, such as an irrigation trenching machine, and perform trench drain services. A combination of lectures, discussions and written reviews lays a solid foundation, whether you’re training an employee to become a trench competent person or to learn best practices for working in confined spaces.



Practical Training


During the practical training portion of our trench safety training, our experienced instructors show your employees how equipment should work and the procedures they should use. They then engage employees in hands-on demonstrations and training via practical exercises that let them learn in a controlled, supervised setting. This, in turn, helps them build confidence when handling the most common equipment, including specific machines in a trench safety equipment rental. This training also includes essential safety measures and how to effectively respond to various scenarios a trench competent person or someone working in confined spaces may face.



Operator Evaluations


Before we provide a trench safety certification, Herc Rentals’ on-site trainers evaluate worker performance to ensure they understand and integrate the material. We conduct these evaluations in real-world environments to assess how well each individual applies the training to the tasks at hand. This critical step provides added assurance that your employees have the knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs safely and competently, which ultimately promotes a company culture focused on safety.


When you need innovative trench solutions to maintain compliance with regulations and keep your workers safe, turn to Herc Rentals. Our on-site trainers come to you and provide your workers with an excellent foundation with OSHA trench safety training that helps them qualify as trench competent persons or handle work in confined spaces.


If you're ready to get your team the proper training, simply fill out the form on the right to get a trench solutions safety course started.



Why Is Trench Solutions Training Important?


At Herc Rentals, we believe in SAFETY FIRST, SAFETY ALWAYS. That's why our on-site OSHA trench safety training equips your employees with the skills they need to correctly use equipment. Our training with trench safety equipment also makes them more aware of what's going on around them, giving them opportunities to identify potential risks and hazards. In turn, knowing what to look out for provides more chances to prevent accidents and reduce workplace injuries and accidents significantly. Because our trench safety training instills mindfulness and care on job sites, it also fosters a more safety-conscious work culture, which may improve your bottom line due to decreased liabilities.



What You'll Get Out of the Trench Solutions Safety Course


An informed workforce is a safe, competent workforce that costs you less money in the long run. Our trench safety training focuses on fostering safety consciousness in your employees, which can reduce accident risks — and liability costs — over time. A comprehensive combination of theory and hands-on instruction ensures workers handling common machinery like an irrigation trenching machine or performing trench drain services has the confidence and skill necessary to complete their jobs. Likewise, compliance with relevant safety legislation and regulations helps your company conform to industry and OSHA standards.


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