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Silica Dust Control Safety Training Course


Workers who utilize tools such as saws or drills to break down rocks, cement and concrete are at increased risk of silica dust exposure. When inhaled, silica dust can trigger respiratory symptoms and put workers at risk of developing lung disease.


Herc Rentals' Silica Dust Control Safety Training Course covers the OSHA silica dust regulations in the workplace and educates employers and employees on silica safety measures. Our top-notch instructors are dedicated to ensuring the safety of your work site, and they'll travel to your location to host the training on-site.



Overview of Silica Dust Control Safety Training


Herc Rentals has an ongoing commitment to ensuring work sites are safe and compliant. Taking the proper silica dust control measures is imperative in preventing potentially dangerous exposure. Our training course is specifically designed for employees who are at risk of exposure to crystalline silica on work sites by working with stone, rock, brick, block, concrete and mortar. Throughout the course, employees and employers will learn about implementing and following a silica dust control plan to ensure the safety of everyone in the workplace. 


Our training format includes:


  • Formal instruction including lecture and discussion plus review of written materials and manufacturer's instructional materials
  • Practical training, with demonstrations by instructors and hands-on exercises performed by trainees
  • Evaluation of operator's understanding and application in the workplace in collaboration with customers


In our courses, we review:


  • Equipment-related topics and applicable safety precautions
  • Workplace-related topics for added awareness of potential hazards
  • Plant and site-specific rules and how they align with other safety measures
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements


Our Silica Dust Control Safety Training Course reviews:


  • Silica hazards. The Herc Rentals silica dust control safety course covers the specific hazards and risks caused by silica dust exposure in the workplace. Topics discussed include route of exposure, dosage and duration and diseases potentially caused by silica exposure, such as silicosis and lung cancer. 
  • Industry-specific concerns. Our training instructors will address industry-specific concerns such as the different types of work that can lead to silica dust exposure (sandblasting, digging, cutting, drilling, etc.) and the industries where silica dust is common (construction, foundry work, hydraulic fracturing, quarry work, etc.).
  • Controlling silica exposure. Herc Rentals' silica training course includes information on controlling silica exposure during industrial processes (cutting, grinding, sanding, sawing, drilling, etc.).
  • Administrative controls. Our training instructors will explain how administrative controls, such as job rotation and alternating schedules, may help lower the risk of individual exposure in different industries. 
  • PPE to reduce silica dust exposure. Employees and employees will receive guidance on required PPE, such as full- and half-face respirators, coveralls and gloves (can vary depending on exposure risks).
  • Exposure control methods. The training course covers various exposure control methods to help lower silica dust levels in the workplace, such as integrated water delivery systems for power saws and tools designed with silica dust collector systems.
  • Employer requirements and OSHA silica standards. Herc Rentals silica safety training course covers all OSHA requirements for silica safety in the workplace. 


If you'd like to schedule a training course with a Herc Rentals safety instructor, fill out the convenient form on the right. 



Why Is Silica Dust Control Safety Training Important?


According to OSHA, approximately 2.3 million people are exposed to silica dust in work settings. Sandblasting, sawing concrete, crushing stone and foundry work are just some of the practices that can increase the risk of silica dust exposure. Silica dust exposure can put individuals at risk of developing serious medical conditions, such as silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), kidney disease and lung cancer.


While completely avoiding silica dust isn't always possible, learning ways to control prolonged exposure and keep dust levels at a minimum is an important first step in creating a safe work environment. Implementation of comprehensive silica safety training and following a silica dust control plan are helpful solutions to reduce exposures. 


At Herc Rentals, safety always comes first. We're 100% committed to ensuring our equipment meets all safety requirements, industry standards and regulations. Our Silica Dust Control Safety Training course equips employees and employers with the skills needed for correct equipment usage and promotes better awareness to identify potential workplace hazards. 


Herc Rentals' safety training course also helps employees improve their ability to apply preventative measures to avoid hazards altogether and promotes a more safety-conscious workplace. Best of all, implementing a comprehensive safety training program can help significantly reduce the number of workplace accidents and injuries. When employees are educated on potential safety risks in the workplace, they're more apt to take steps to prevent hazards and do their part in keeping everyone safe.



What You'll Get Out of the Silica Dust Control Safety Course


Herc Rentals Silica Dust Safety Training Course offers comprehensive theory and hands-on practical instruction on the required safety protocols for reducing silica dust exposure in the workplace. Silica dust control is essential in protecting the health of workers who are exposed to crystalline silica dust particles on a regular basis. 


Courses are designed for both employees (operator) and employers (Train-the-Trainer) and include formal instruction, written materials and evaluations. 


All of Herc Rentals' safety courses are fully compliant with applicable safety legislation, regulations and industry standards. Upon successful completion of the safety course, all participants will be issued wallet card certificates. 



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Proper safety training is an important step in controlling silica dust exposure in the workplace. If you'd like to schedule a safety course for your employees, fill out the form on the right to get started and learn more about how Herc Rentals can provide the safety training your company needs.