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Rough Terrain Forklift & Telehandler Safety Training Course


Every rough terrain forklift (telehandler) driver or operator must hold a certification to ensure safe equipment operation in the workplace. Herc Rentals offers training courses that cover OSHA rough terrain forklift regulations and teach employees how to safely operate telehandler forklifts. For added convenience, Herc Rentals' training specialists can visit your job site to host the training course.



Overview of Rough Terrain Forklift (Telehandler) Safety Training 


Ensuring safe operation of rental equipment is our top priority. Our rough terrain forklift safety course is designed to educate employees and employers on the importance of following all safety protocols and operation requirements when working with powered industrial trucks and equipment.


Our training format includes:


  • Formal instruction with lecture, discussion, written materials and manufacturer's instruction materials
  • Practical training with demonstrations and exercises performed by trainers and trainees
  • Evaluation of each operator's performance and ability to execute instructions in the workplace in collaboration our customers



In our courses we review:


  • Equipment-related topics including functional knowledge and understanding of the machinery and potential safety hazards
  • Workplace-related topics such as site-specific constraints or additional precautions
  • Plant- and site-specific rules pertaining to our customer's facility, work site or industry
  • Personal protective equipment requirements for general safety and equipment-specific considerations

Class 7 Powered Industrial Trucks


Herc Rentals' rough terrain forklifts fall in the class 7 category of powered industrial trucks. Class 7 forklifts are designed to operate safely on rough terrain and uneven surfaces, such as ramps, and are often used in lumberyards and scrapyards and on construction sites.


Class 7 powered industrial trucks are considered the most durable of all forklift classes. The classification includes vertical mast forklifts designed to move loads up and down and operate on uneven surfaces in both indoor and outdoor environments. Class 7 also includes telehandler forklifts, which are typically used outdoors on rough terrain. Telehandlers can be fitted with various arm attachments to move loads vertically or up and over obstacles, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.


In our forklift telehandler training courses we review:


Equipment related topics:


  • Operating instructions and precautions: Our instructors provide detailed instructions on how to operate rough terrain telehandler forklifts and advise on the safety precautions to follow during operation. 
  • Differences from automobile: Our skilled trainers advise on the main differences between operating a rough terrain forklift and a standard automobile (turning, steering etc.).
  • Controls and instrumentation: Herc Rentals' trainers discuss the basic controls and instrumentation of rough terrain telehandler forklifts (control panel, steering wheel, speed control system, safety controls, etc.).
  • Visibility: Our on-site training course covers the visibility requirements and potential blind spots for rough terrain telehandler forklifts.
  • Equipment capacity and stability: Our team goes over the specific equipment capacities and stability requirements that operators must adhere to when using rough terrain forklifts. 
  • Load charts (reach forklifts): Operators learn how to comprehend telehandler load chart grids that show lift ranges and maximum reach limits for their equipment. 
  • Operation limitations: Our trainers go over the specific operation limitations for rough terrain forklift telehandler use. 



Workplace related topics: 


  • Surface conditions: Herc Rentals' training team advise on safely navigating different surface conditions such as muddy terrain, uneven roads, sand and construction sites.
  • Pedestrian traffic: Employees learn how to navigate pedestrian traffic in a variety of industrial settings.
  • Overhead obstructions and high-voltage conductors: Forklift operators learn about avoiding overhead obstructions and navigating around high-voltage conductors when operating equipment. 
  • Operating on ramps and sloped surfaces: Our training course covers the safe, correct operation of telehandler forklifts on ramps and sloped surfaces to prevent tip overs and avoid potential accidents and injuries. 


To learn more about Herc Rentals safety training courses and schedule a training session for your employees, fill out the form at the right. 



Why Is Rough Terrain Forklift Training Important?


At Herc Rentals, safety always comes first. We have an obligation to our customers to provide safe, fully operational equipment at all times. Herc Rentals' top-notch safety training instructors have extensive experience with our rental equipment, and our training courses ensure employees have the skills and the tools they need to use the equipment correctly and safely. 


Herc Rentals' electric rough terrain forklift safety courses are designed to equip employees with:


  • The skills necessary for correct rough terrain telehandler forklift use
  • Improved awareness to identify and address potential hazards
  • The ability to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of workplace hazards


Accidents and injuries in the workplace not only affect the injured party's ability to work and overall quality of life on the job, they can lead to reduced productivity, sales losses and even lower employee morale. Herc Rentals' rough telehandler safety training program can help reduce workplace accidents and injuries. Educating employees on safety precautions for telehandler use also promotes a safety-conscious work culture. 



What You’ll Get out of the Rough Terrain Forklift (Telehandler) Safety Course


Herc Rentals' rough terrain forklift safety course provides comprehensive training that includes both theory and hands-on practical instruction. Each course covers OSHA 1910.178 and 1926.602 powered industrial truck standards. Upon successful course completion, all participants will be issued wallet card certificates. 


Herc Rentals offers both train the trainer and operator training, with delivery methods that include:


  • In-person, instructor-led courses
  • Virtual, instructor-led courses
  • Computer-based instruction (for certain classifications)



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Herc safety training courses help ensure your employees have the skills and tools necessary to safely operate telehandler forklifts and identify potential hazards in the workplace. If you'd like to learn more about how Herc Rentals can provide the safety training your company needs, fill out the form conveniently located at the right to get started today.