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Roto Telehandler Safety Training Course


A roto telehandler or rotating telehandler offers the benefits of a telehandler, crane and access platform on one unit. Used in several different industries, including construction, roofing and demolition, roto telehandlers feature cabs and booms that spin on bearings. This allows the telehandler to rotate at 360 degrees while remaining in a fixed position. 


To operate a telehandler under OSHA regulations, all telehandler operators must become certified through a combination of practical training, formal instruction and employer-led operator evaluation. Herc Rentals' Roto Telehandler Safety Course covers a wide range of topics to help operators learn how to prevent, identify and address potential hazards on job sites. We offer virtual and in-person courses, and our instructors can travel to your location to conduct the training on-site. 



Overview of the Roto Telehandler Safety Training


Roto telehandlers are complex machines, and following the appropriate safety protocols can help reduce the risk of equipment-related accidents and injuries in the workplace. Herc Rentals operator and Train-the-Trainer roto telehandler safety courses are designed to educate people on the safe operation of telehandler equipment on worksites.


Formal instruction combined with hands-on training provides trainees with the fundamentals of workplace safety. Topics discussed include OSHA telehandler regulations and standards, field hazard identification and safe operation, among others. 


Our training format includes:


  • Formal classroom setting instruction with written materials, manufacturer's training materials and lectures
  • Hands-on practical training that includes trainee-performed demonstrations and exercises
  • Operator's instruction assessments in collaboration with customers


In our courses, we cover:


  • Equipment basics
  • Workplace topics
  • Specific plant or job site rules and requirements
  • Requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE)


Our Roto Telehandler Safety Course topics include:


  • OSHA safety regulations and requirements. Herc Rentals' safety course covers the OSHA regulations for safe operation of roto telehandlers on work sites. 
  • Safe operation procedures. Our professional training instructors review safety fundamentals and safe operation procedures for roto telehandlers. 
  • Start-up and shut-down protocols. The safety course covers protocols for starting and shutting down roto telehandlers (checking parking brake, assessing fluid levels, inspecting tires, etc.).
  • Safe operation on sloped surfaces and ramps. Trainers will review the basics of safe operation on sloped areas and ramps to prevent tipping and other accidents.
  • Job site safety. Herc Rentals roto telehandler course covers job site safety rules and best practices when working on different job sites (construction sites, agricultural sites, landscaping, etc.).
  • Balance and stability principles. Our training team will discuss balance and stability best practices for operators to help ensure roto telehandlers remain stable when navigating uneven terrain, rocky areas, sloped areas and ramps. 
  • Preventative maintenance. The operator safety training course educates trainees about preventative maintenance steps to help ensure rotating telehandlers are safe for use. 
  • Surface conditions. Our trainers discuss navigating different surface conditions (uneven surfaces, rocky terrain, muddy ground, etc.).
  • Load charts. Herc Rentals' safety training program educates trainees on reading and understanding load charts that provide basic information such as make, model and load capacities.
  • Safety inspections. Regular equipment safety inspections are essential to safe telehandler operations. Herc Rentals' instructors will advise on the steps of a safety inspection and when inspections must be performed. 
  • Pre-trip inspections. Pre-trip inspections are generally required on a daily basis or on days of operation to ensure optimal safety. Our trainers discuss the importance of pre-trip/pre-use inspections. 


If you'd like to schedule a safety training course to ensure your operators are compliant with OSHA regulations, fill out the form on the right today. 



Why Is Roto Telehandler Training Important?


Injuries caused by falling loads, tipping, electric shocks and visual obstructions are all common issues that can lead to accidents and injuries when operating a telehandler. Safety training provides operators with the skills and tools they need to use equipment safely and correctly.


Accidents and injuries in the workplace can lead to a host of issues, ranging from financial losses for employees due to missed work time and medical costs to increased worker turnover and reduced productivity. 


Enrolling your staff in a roto telehandler course can greatly reduce the number of accidents and injuries on your work site. When operators know what to look for, it's easier to identify and address potential hazards before they evolve into major disasters. Our courses also help promote a safety-conscious work culture where everyone does their part to keep their worksites hazard-free.


At Herc Rentals, safety comes first with every piece of our rental equipment, and we have a strong commitment to ensuring the safety of our customers. We strive to provide efficient training that educates both operators and employers on the importance of following worksite safety protocols to lower the risk of workplace accidents and injuries. 



What You'll Get Out of the Roto Telehandler Safety Course


Herc Rentals Roto Telehandler Safety Course combines theory and hands-on practical instruction for a comprehensive safety program that covers all the bases. All of our courses are designed to help operators meet their safety training requirements.


Our safety training programs are fully compliant with all applicable safety legislation, regulations and industry standards. Class options include in-person instruction at a Herc Rentals location, on-site training and virtual training (when applicable). 


Following successful course completion, all trainees will receive wallet card certificates. 


Herc Rentals' roto telehandler courses are designed to educate operators and employers on the importance of following equipment-specific safety protocols. If you're ready to get started on a safety training course for your staff, fill out the form on the right.