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Narrow Aisle Forklift Safety Training Course


If you're considering narrow aisle forklift rental, our narrow aisle forklift safety course is essential to ensuring safe operation and getting the best results from this equipment. Our comprehensive training course, led by experienced trainers, is designed to familiarize operators with the fundamentals of narrow aisle forklifts and ensure they are confident in their safe and effective operation. 


The course focuses on all types of narrow aisle forklifts, including class 2 powered industrial truck equipment. We offer a flexible approach to delivering our training. Participants can either attend courses held at our local classrooms, or we can tailor our courses to be held on your premises. Each course offers a combination of theory and hands-on practical tuition delivered by trainers with years of experience in the field. 


All participants who complete the narrow aisle forklift training will be given a wallet card certificate as proof of their ability to safely operate this equipment. 



Overview of Our Narrow Aisle Forklift Safety Training 


Herc Rentals is committed to helping you create a culture of safety throughout your workforce and to get the best from our rental equipment. We take the same high levels of care to deliver our safety courses as we do our rental equipment, and our safety course is no exception. As with all of our safety courses, our narrow aisle reach truck training is designed in alignment with the most up-to-date safety codes and standards. This course is ideal for anyone new to operating forklift trucks or businesses looking to train their staff on the safe and effective use of this equipment. 


During the course, our experienced trainers will deliver a combination of theory and hands-on practical lessons. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of essential safety practices and learn the operational skills required to drive and operate narrow aisle forklifts effectively in tight spaces. 


Here are just some of the training modules participants can expect on the course:


  • Familiarization with narrow aisle forklifts: Introduction to the specific types and models of narrow aisle forklifts, including electric forklifts and Class 2 trucks, focusing on their unique features and operational controls.
  • Safety procedures and best practices: Detailed guidelines on the pre-operation safety checks, routine maintenance and the correct use of narrow aisle forklifts.
  • Maneuvering in tight spaces: Our trainers take you through strategies for safely navigating and operating forklifts in confined spaces, paying particular attention to spatial awareness and precision handling.
  • Load handling and stability: Training on safe load manipulation, focusing on weight distribution, load stability and the prevention of tipping accidents.
  • Battery and charging safety: For electric narrow aisle forklift models, instruction will be given on safe battery handling, charging protocols and maintenance to prevent accidents and ensure longevity of the equipment.
  • Emergency procedures and evacuation: Guidelines on how to respond in case of an emergency, including forklift malfunctions, spillages or other workplace incidents.
  • Legislation and compliance: Overview of the relevant local and national safety laws and standards that govern the operation of narrow aisle forklifts, ensuring legal compliance and best practices.
  • Practical skills assessment: Hands-on practice sessions where participants apply what they've learned in a controlled environment, followed by evaluations to ensure proficiency and safety compliance.



Class 2 Powered Industrial Safety Training


Our narrow aisle forklift training course includes the Class 2 Powered Industrial Truck module. This essential segment focuses on the specific types of equipment classified under Class 2. This includes order pickers and narrow aisle trucks, both of which are commonly used in confined spaces and require specialist training. During this module, participants will gain in-depth knowledge of safe handling and operational techniques and also learn maintenance practices specific to Class 2 trucks. 


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What You'll Get From Our Narrow Aisle Forklift Safety Course


By enrolling in our narrow aisle forklift safety training, you're making a commitment to forging a culture of safety excellence and efficient performance throughout your workforce. As with all Herc Rentals safety courses, our narrow aisle safety training is carefully designed to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ensuring confident and safe operation at all times. 


Here's what our safety training courses have to offer:


A thorough grasp of safety practices: Gain a comprehensive understanding of safety regulations relevant to narrow aisle forklift operation. Through both theory and hands-on practice, you'll learn to apply these safety measures effectively, ensuring you're well-prepared for safe, proficient operation in your daily tasks. Our expert trainers will be available to answer any questions and guide you through the learning process.


Certification of your skills: Completing the course earns you a wallet-sized certification card acknowledging your completion and understanding of the safety training. This certification provides proof to current and prospective employers that you are a qualified operator and respect the rules and regulations concerning the safe operation of narrow aisle forklifts. 


Up-to-date compliance and safety standards: Our training is designed to align with the latest safety regulations, including OSHA standards. It provides you with the knowledge necessary to ensure your safety and that your work environment is up to code.



Promote a Safety First Culture By Enrolling Today


Narrow Aisle Forklift Safety Training is designed to equip your operators with the knowledge and skills they need to safely operate narrow aisle forklifts. At Herc Rentals, our aim is to help you complete every project efficiently without sacrificing safety or productivity. The quality of our training and rental equipment is a testament to this commitment.


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