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MEWP (Aerial Lifts) Safety Training Course


If you're considering the rental of MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms), training your workforce to use this equipment safely is essential. Our MEWP (Aerial Lifts) Safety Course is designed to cover the fundamentals of using upright aerial lifts and provides instruction on the most important safety aspects and operational procedures.


The course focuses on a range of aerial lift equipment, including boom lifts, scissor lifts, manually propelled lifts, towable lifts and atrium lifts. The course also addresses the classifications 3A, 3B, 1A and 1B, ensuring operators and their supervisors receive a comprehensive understanding of the best practices and safety requirements for each type of lift. 


We understand that flexibility is important when running our MEWP safety training courses. That's why we offer our training courses through our fully equipped local classrooms or on-site sessions tailored to your work environment. All of our courses offer a combination of theory and hands-on practical skills, all delivered by our experienced instructors. 


Upon successful completion of the certified aerial lift training course, participants will receive a wallet card certificate as proof of their proficiency in the safe operation of MEWP lift equipment. 



Overview of MEWP (Aerial Lifts) Safety Training


At Herc Rentals, we're dedicated to encouraging a culture of safety and compliance through our comprehensive training courses. That's why we've developed our MEWP (Aerial Lifts) Safety Course in line with the latest safety laws and standards. We put the same dedication into our training programs that we do in selecting the equipment for our rental range. Whether this is the first time you are renting aerial platforms or you need to familiarize new employees with MEWP equipment, we have your needs covered. 


Compliance is also important when it comes to the correct operation of aerial lifts. Our courses cover the following regulations and standards:

  • MEWP OSHA training requirements
  • MEWP ANSI standards, including ANSI A92 guidelines
  • Operational specifics of MEWP Group A and Group B categories


As with each of the courses in our training catalog, our MEWP training combines practical, hands-on experience with theoretical lectures. Each course module explores the critical safety procedures and operational techniques required to operate a variety of aerial platforms safely and efficiently. 


Boom Lifts 

Boom lifts provide temporary access to high places that would otherwise be inaccessible with conventional ladder equipment. From construction and repair to electrical installations and window cleaning, boom lifts can prove invaluable when it comes to accessing these areas safely. At Herc Rentals, we offer boom lift safety training that aligns with OSHA requirements and fosters a deep understanding and appreciation of this machinery. From initial equipment familiarization and pre-operation checks to correct maneuvering and essential maintenance, our course covers it all. Our expert trainers deliver training that aims to prevent accidents and maximize the efficiency and lifespan of the equipment. 



Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are essential for elevating workers to medium-height areas for tasks such as installations, maintenance and inventory management. Unlike boom lifts, scissor lifts move vertically, providing a stable platform for tasks that require access directly overhead. Our scissor lift training ensures lift operators are confident in the safe, efficient use of this equipment. Our trainers put particular emphasis on accident prevention and efficient operation, from correct operation and an understanding of load capacities to fall prevention and emergency procedures.



Manually Propelled Lifts

Manually propelled lifts allow safe and controlled elevation to workspaces without the need for a fuel or battery power source. They are often used in outdoor settings where space is limited. Our comprehensive safety training course covers the safe maneuvering and operation of this equipment through hands-on and theoretical training modules. 



Towable Lifts

Our MEWP (Aerial Lifts) Safety Course also covers the safe operation of towable lifts. This equipment offers a practical solution for reaching heights in various indoor and outdoor environments. We offer specialized training modules that cover all aspects of safe operation, from operating the lift within its operational limits to safe hitching and towing. Once training is complete, operators will have a thorough understanding and appreciation of how to operate this equipment safely and proficiently. 



Atrium Lifts

Known for their ability to reach tight spaces or indoor settings, atrium lifts require precise handling to ensure they are operated correctly. Herc Rentals' atrium lift training offers a comprehensive overview of how to operate these specialist lifts. Our trainers will cover several safety aspects, including navigating the equipment through narrow passageways and safely extending the lift in confined areas. As with all our safety training courses, the aim is to prevent accidents and ensure optimal use of our rental equipment. 



Classifications 3A, 3B, 1A, & 1B - Operator and Supervisor Training

A thorough understanding of MEWP classifications is essential for the safe operation of this equipment. We provide tailored safety training to operators and supervisors for each MEWP classification, including 3A (Mobile Vertical), 3B (Mobile Boom), 1A (Static Vertical) and 1B (Static Boom). Delivery of this training, either on-site or at our local classrooms, ensures operators and supervisors fully understand the specific safety and operational requirements of each classification. 


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Why Is MEWP (Aerial Lifts) Training Important? 



At Herc Rentals, safety first is safety always. Good training means equipment operators and their supervisors work smarter and avoid downtime from accidents or mistakes. The impact of a solid safety culture is far-reaching. From protecting your workforce from injury to making every day a "Perfect Day" with no accidents and unrivaled efficiency, our training courses are a must to keep everything legal, productive and right. 


Our training approach typically involves:


  • Classroom learning. We kick things off in the classroom, where you'll enjoy engaging lectures, taking part in discussions and having access to best-in-class reading materials, including manufacturer-specific training. This stage lays the groundwork, ensuring you have the essential knowledge about MEWPs and safety practices.
  • Hands-on practice. Next, you'll move from theory to action. After observing demonstrations from our expert trainers, you'll get hands-on experience with the equipment. We believe that the best learning happens by doing. There's nothing like getting behind the controls of the equipment you're learning about to fully appreciate what it can do and how to handle it safely. 
  • On-the-job assessment. Finally, we assess your application of these new skills in your actual work environment. In collaboration with your employer, we ensure you're fully prepared to operate MEWPs safely and effectively. 



What You'll Get Out of Our MEWP (Aerial Lifts) Safety Course


When you enroll in our MEWP (Aerial Lifts) Safety Training, you'll be taking a step toward instilling a culture of safety and optimal performance throughout your workforce. We've carefully curated each course to offer the perfect balance of theory and hands-on training to ensure efficient knowledge transfer and understanding. 


What you can expect from our safety courses:


  • Comprehensive safety understanding. You'll familiarize yourself with the safety regulations and apply them in practice, preparing you for safe, efficient equipment operation in your day-to-day work. And all the while, our experienced trainers are on hand to address any questions or concerns.
  • Certification achievement. Upon completing the course, you'll receive a wallet-sized card certifying your understanding of your safety training. This certification is evidence of your commitment to safety, showcasing your qualifications to both your current and future employers.
  • Alignment with safety regulations. We've tailored our course to ensure compliance with up-to-date safety laws, including OSHA standards. You'll gain insights into maintaining personal safety and ensuring your work environment meets legal safety standards.



Invest in a Safer and More Productive Future


Our Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) safety training helps operators master the safe operation of aerial lift equipment. Discover how we can help you complete every project efficiently without compromising safety or productivity. 


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