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Film & Entertainment Supplemental Rigging & Cribbing for MEWP Safety Training Course


Safety training is an OSHA requirement for all crew members who perform work on mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP) using supplemental rigging and cribbing. MEWP training helps ensure that workers both understand and recognize the potential hazards associated with rigging and cribbing tasks. Herc Rentals offers a supplemental rigging and cribbing safety training course that covers lifting and rigging, cribbing techniques and the requirements of the relevant OSHA and ANSI standards.


Whether you're shooting on location or filming in-house at the studio, Herc Rentals' qualified instructors are happy to travel to your workplace and host the training course on-site.



Overview of Film & Entertainment Supplemental Rigging & Cribbing for MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) Safety Training


Herc Rentals Film & Entertainment Supplemental Rigging & Cribbing for MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) Safety Course is tailored to educate employees and employers on the importance of following all required safety protocols when performing assigned tasks. Our safety training courses follow a specific format that blends formal instruction with practical training and trainee demonstrations. 


Our training format combines:

  • In-person instruction that includes both lecture and discussion. Trainees are also provided with written materials and manufacturer's instruction materials.
  • Practical training, in which trainees watch demonstrations and perform hand-on exercises.
  • Assessment of each operator's workplace performance (with customer participation).


In our courses we cover:

  • Equipment-related subjects
  • Workplace-related subjects
  • Plant- and site-specific rules and regulations
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines and requirements


In our Film & Entertainment Supplemental Rigging & Cribbing for MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) safety course we cover:


Equipment and workplace related topics:

  • Fall protection (aerial lifts only):  Per OSHA, all employees must wear personal fall arrest systems (PAFs) when working from aerial lifts. Our MEWP training program covers all fall protection safety guidelines when working on aerial lifts.
  • Responsibilities: Our training team discusses the responsibilities of both employees and employers when working with supplemental rigging and cribbing equipment on MEWPs. 
  • Safe operation: Herc Rentals' MEWP training course covers the rules and regulations for safe operation of cribbing and rigging equipment and mobile elevated platforms. 
  • Cribbing techniques: Our training course offers instruction on safe cribbing construction and application to ensure all MEWP surfaces are level and safe for operation. 
  • Inspections: Herc Rentals' MEWP safety training instructors discuss conducting the required safety inspections of mobile elevated work platforms prior to use. 
  • Requirements of the Relevant OSHA and ANSI standards: Our safety training program includes a detailed overview of the requirements of the relevant OSHA and ANSI standards for operating rigging and cribbing equipment on mobile elevated work platforms. 


Looking to promote and maintain a safety-first workplace culture?
Schedule a safety training session with Herc Rentals by filling out the form on the right. 



Why Is Film & Entertainment Supplemental Rigging & Cribbing for MEWP Training Important?


At Herc Rentals, we follow the motto - Safety First, Safety Always. This means we're fully committed to ensuring our rental equipment is safe, compliant and fully operational at all times. We also require that all contractors and team members have the same commitment. Herc Rentals believes operations leaders play an important role in ensuring all employees adhere to safety and compliance standards and policies. As a manager or leader, taking the time to schedule training courses for your employees shows us that you take safety as seriously as we do. 


Herc Rentals' film & entertainment supplemental rigging & cribbing for MEWP safety course equips employees with the skills they need to ensure safe and correct equipment use. Our detailed, hands-on instruction provides them with increased awareness to better identify potential workplace hazards and the ability to apply preventive measures. 


Equipment malfunctions, operator errors or a combination of both factors are the leading causes of MEWP accidents. Working on a mobile platform requires precision and focus, and all operators must adhere to the required safety standards to ensure safe operation.


When employees are injured, it affects many aspects of their life, from enduring the physical pain of an injury to dealing with costly medical bills. Workplace accidents can also lead to financial losses and cause damage to your company's reputation, especially if accidents are common.


When employees are efficiently trained on potential hazards, they can take the necessary steps to keep their workplace safe. Our safety training program provides employers and employees with the personal tools and necessary skills to significantly reduce the number of accidents at work. Plus, it creates a safety-conscious work culture in which team members look out for one another. 



What You'll Get Out of the Film & Entertainment Supplemental Rigging & Cribbing for MEWP Safety Course


Herc Rentals provides in-person and virtual safety training in both operator and train-the-trainer formats. Our courses include theory and hands-on practical instruction for the safe operation of supplemental rigging and cribbing for mobile elevated work platforms.


In-person training is available at your local Herc Rentals branch, or our trainers can travel to your work site and host the training in-house. We also offer virtual training for certain classifications. 


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be issued wallet card certificates. Completion of our training course ensures that your employees are compliant with applicable safety legislation, regulations and industry standards. 



Count On Herc Rentals for Equipment Safety Training Courses


Ensuring your employees are properly trained on equipment safety is essential, and Herc Rentals' training courses provide everything you need to promote a safe and productive workplace. Fill out the form on the right to get started and learn more about how Herc Rentals can provide the safety training your company needs.