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Fall Protection Safety Training Course


At Herc Rentals, we offer a wide selection of safety training courses designed to protect individuals from workplace safety risks. Falls are one of the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and fatalities. Our fall protection safety training course highlights the risk of falls, how to prevent accidents when working at heights and the proper use of fall protection equipment. By adopting a safety-first culture, your organization can ensure every team member works safely and efficiently. 


From general fall protection safety training to MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) training that focuses on aerial lift operations, our course is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the United States and Canada. This course, along with others in our training catalog, is carefully crafted to deliver flexible training in our classrooms or through tailored on-site sessions. Led by our qualified and experienced instructors, each course combines classroom theory and practical skills. Participants will receive a wallet card certificate as proof of attending the course and proficiency in fall safety training. 



Overview of Fall Protection Safety Training

At Herc Rentals, we're dedicated to promoting a culture of safety and ensuring our rental equipment is used safely and with confidence. Our fall protection safety program has been meticulously designed to align with current safety laws and standards. We cover a lot of ground in this course, ensuring participants have a thorough understanding and appreciation of fall protection equipment and best practices when working at heights. 


Working at Heights (Ontario, Canada)

This module focuses on the regulations and practices surrounding working at heights in Ontario, Canada. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of safety measures, equipment use and emergency response strategies to ensure workplace safety and compliance with Ontario's stringent safety standards. 


MEWP Focused (USA)

At Herc Rentals, we offer a range of MEWP (aerial lift) rental equipment designed to make operating at heights safe and efficient. This equipment must be handled by operators proficient in its use and with a thorough understanding of the fall risks involved with operating aerial lifts. From safe operation practices to hazard identification and preventative measures, our course equips participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate MEWP equipment safely. 


Energy Safety Canada

Customized specifically for the energy sector, this segment of our training focuses on the distinct safety challenges of this industry and aligns with the latest energy safety regulations. From working on elevated workstations to operating safely in confined spaces, our instructors cover essential safety practices and fall protection guidelines specific to the needs of the energy sector. 


Fall Protection Essentials (Canada)

Our fall protection essentials module offers a broad overview of fall protection principles that apply to industries in Canada. The course covers everything from the basics of fall arrest systems to rescue planning and provides participants with the knowledge and tools to create a safer work environment. 


Learn the fundamentals of fall protection safety training and how to keep your teams safe and efficient while working at heights. Fill out the form on the right to get started on your training journey with us.



Why Is Fall Protection Training Important?




At Herc Rentals, safety first is safety always. We believe the right training empowers equipment operators and their supervisors to operate more efficiently and prevent accidents and downtime. Our courses are designed to ensure you get the best out of our rental equipment and that you protect your workforce from injuries every day. 


Our training is structured as follows: 


Classroom instruction: Our fall protection training starts in the classroom, either in our local classrooms or on your site. It offers a combination of trainer-led lectures, interactive discussions and access to quality training content. We may also feature specialized training materials from the manufacturers of our rental equipment. 


Practical experience: We also provide practical training that gives participants a real-world understanding of fall risk within the workplace. This hands-on part of the course champions learning through live demonstrations and direct experience. It allows participants to operate equipment firsthand and master safe operation techniques. 


Evaluation: The final step of our training is all about making sure you're ready to safely use fall protection gear at work and have a thorough understanding of fall protection standards. Our instructors will evaluate your skills and ensure you are fully prepared to handle equipment safely.


What You'll Get Out of Our Fall Protection Safety Course


By enrolling in our fall protection safety training course, you'll be making a valuable investment in the safety and expertise of your workforce and the safety culture within your organization. Our training programs are designed to deliver a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application and ensure a thorough understanding of fall protection in the workplace. 


Here's what our training delivers:


A thorough understanding of safety practices: You'll learn the ins and outs of fall protection safety regulations, including those specific to the USA and Canada, and how to apply them in your workplace. Our experienced instructors are always available to answer any questions and guide you through the learning process.


Certification of your skills: Completing our training earns you a certification, proof of your commitment to safety. This certification highlights your dedication to maintaining safe work practices and enhances your credibility with both present and potential employers.


Regulatory compliance: Our training is carefully structured to align with the latest safety regulations, including OSHA standards in the USA and corresponding standards in Canada. We update our course material regularly to ensure we stay fully compliant with the latest regulations. 


Secure a Safer and More Efficient Tomorrow


No matter what your industry, our fall protection safety training course equips you with the expertise and knowledge required to safeguard against falls within the workplace. From operating aerial lifts to working at heights in the energy industry, our courses are designed to help you enhance safety and maintain productivity. 


Fill out the form on the right and discover how Herc Rentals can help you get the best from our rental equipment and pave the way for a safer and more efficient future.