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Electric Pallet Jack Safety Training Course


To ensure safe operation in the workplace, all electric pallet jack operators must complete online or in-person safety training that satisfies OSHA requirements. Herc Rentals offers an electric pallet jack safety training course for operators to learn how to safely navigate the machines and spot potential hazards and dangers. Herc Rentals' expert instructors will travel to your location and host the training on-site. 



Overview of Electric Pallet Jack Safety Training


Following proper safety protocols when operating an electric pallet jack is important in preventing accidental tip-overs and collisions. Safety precautions aren't limited to driving — proper maintenance and inspections are also essential in preventing mechanical failures. 


Herc Rentals' electric pallet jack safety training course covers the fundamentals of equipment safety in the workplace, with topics that include safe operating procedures, electric pallet jack types, Class 3 powered industrial trucks, OSHA requirements and more. Completion of the training course provides employees and employers with the necessary tools and skills to safely operate electric pallet jacks in warehouses, distribution centers and other high-traffic work environments. 


Our training format includes:


  • In-person training courses with formal lectures, discussions and written materials from both the manufacturer and Herc Rentals
  • Practical training combined with employee demonstrations and exercises
  • Operator evaluations in workplace settings in collaboration with clients and customers


In our courses we cover:


  • Rental equipment basics
  • Workplace-specific subjects
  • Worksite-specific rules, regulations and policies
  • Operator requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE)


Class 3 Powered Industrial Truck


Class 3 powered industrial trucks include pallet jacks, pallet stackers and tow tractors. Electric pallet jacks are designed to move between 3,000 and 10,000 pounds, and they're typically used to load and unload trailers and move loads in warehouse settings.


Class 3 electric pallet jacks are battery-powered and can travel up to 3.7 miles per hour. They make it easier for operators to move loads throughout warehouses. Electric pallet jacks work well on loading docks and moving through narrow aisles. 


Electric pallet jacks are classified as Class 3 powered industrial trucks (electric motor hand trucks or hand/rider trucks). Herc Rentals' electric pallet training course covers Class 3 powered industrial truck safety training for both operator and pedestrian, startup safety procedures, routine maintenance and safe operation procedures.


In our electric pallet jack safety training course we review:


  • Safe operating procedures: Herc Rentals' electric pallet jack safety training course educates operators on safe operating procedures in the workplace. Topics discussed include loading and unloading, preventing cargo overloads, visibility, maintaining safe speeds and performing regular maintenance. 
  • OSHA requirements for pallet jack operation in the workplace: Our training course covers OSHA requirements for the safe operation of Class 3 powered industrial trucks. To satisfy OSHA requirements, operators must complete formal and hands-on safety instruction courses and pass employer-led performance evaluations.
  • Required PPE for electric pallet jack operation: Herc Rentals' electric pallet jack forklift safety course provides information on all required PPE for electric pallet jack operation (gloves, safety glasses, steel-toed footwear, etc.).
  • Electric pallet jack types: Our training course will cover the different types of electric pallet jacks and their use in industrial and warehouse settings. (Electric rider pallet jack, center rider electric pallet truck, off-road electric pallet jack, electric rider pallet stacker, etc.)

If you'd like to schedule a virtual or in-person pallet jack safety training course through Herc Rentals, fill out the form on the right to learn more.



Why Is Electric Pallet Jack Training Important?


Overloading, inefficient brakes, damaged forks and manual unloading are just a handful of issues that can lead to accidents and injuries in the workplace when using an electric pallet jack. When an operator drives too fast between narrow aisles or through tight corners, it can increase the risk of accidental collisions and subsequent injuries. Accelerating on sloped areas and blocked fields of vision also increases the chances of unintentional accidents. 


Repeated workplace accidents and injuries can lead to a variety of issues that can affect a company's bottom line and reputation. Missed work time can lead to financial losses for the injured parties, decreased production levels and reduced employee morale. 


Following strict safety precautions is essential in preventing these accidents, and all operators must complete the required safety training to ensure safe and correct operation. Herc Rentals electric pallet jack safety training course covers all aspects of pallet jack safety to help ensure that everyone at your company is up to date on OSHA safety requirements. 


Our safety programs are designed to equip employees with the skills needed for safe and correct equipment usage and improved awareness to identify potential workplace hazards. Proper safety training also helps promote a safety-conscious work culture and significantly reduces the number of injuries and accidents in the workplace. 


At Herc Rentals, safety is always our top priority. We're fully committed to ensuring the safe operation of our rental equipment on work sites, and we follow the motto: Safety First, Safety Always. We also believe that proper safety training can help improve team members' safety and health and eliminate non-conformance with required policies and procedures.



What You'll Get Out of the Electric Pallet Jack Safety Course


Enrolling your employees in our safety training courses has many benefits. All trainees receive comprehensive safety training in both theory and hands-on practical instruction.


Our instructors cover a wide range of topics, including equipment safety and safety rules specific to your plant or work site. They'll also evaluate each operator's performance in the workplace to ensure all required safety measures are followed correctly. 


Upon successful completion of the training course, trainees will be issued wallet card certificates. 



Safety Training Courses Through Herc Rentals


Ready to enroll your company in pallet jack operation safety courses through Herc Rentals? Fill out the form on the right to get started and learn more about how Herc Rentals can provide the safety training your company needs.