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Dirt Equipment Safety Training Course


At Herc Rentals, the safe operation of our rental equipment is a top priority. Our Dirt Equipment Safety Course provides a comprehensive overview of operating skid steer, excavator and wheel loader equipment safely and in compliance with the latest legislation. 


We offer comprehensive safety training courses, either from our well-equipped local classroom locations or through on-site sessions conducted by our qualified trainers on your premises. This flexibility ensures all participants receive the vital safety training they need in the most convenient format.


Each of our safety courses includes theory training and hands-on practical evaluation from our experienced instructors. A wallet card certificate will be issued upon successful course completion. 



Overview of Dirt Equipment Safety Training 


At Herc Rentals, safety is at the heart of everything we do, and our Dirt Equipment Safety Training Course underpins this commitment. This course is designed to teach participants how to use dirt equipment, such as skid steer equipment, excavators and wheel loaders, safely. 


We use a mix of hands-on training and lectures to ensure all participants have the skills they need to operate this machinery responsibly and with confidence. Through detailed lessons and practical exercises, participants will become familiar with dirt equipment and learn the importance of maintaining a safe work environment. 


Skid Steer Safety Training


The skid steer safety training module of the course focuses on the safe operation of this machinery and adheres to OSHA skid steer training requirements. From pre-operation checks and maneuvering in tight spaces to understanding the capabilities and limitations of skid steers, participants will develop a thorough understanding and appreciation of this equipment. 


Our trainers, experts in OSHA guidelines and the operation of skid steers, focus on more than just the safe operation of this essential landscaping and construction equipment. The course will also cover critical areas, such as regular maintenance and safety checks. Our comprehensive skid steer safety training is designed to prevent accidents, extend equipment life and ensure the best results are achieved on site. 



Excavator Safety Training


Our excavator safety training module covers the safe handling and mechanics of these powerful digging tools. From material handling to trench digging, our trainers provide detailed instructions on essential operations, safety protocols for excavation work and best practices for working in different conditions and varied terrain. Training includes understanding the operational features of excavators, emergency procedures and how to ensure safe and efficient operation on site. 


Through a combination of hands-on and theory training, participants will gain firsthand knowledge of excavator operation and safety. From mini excavators to standard equipment, our training caters to individuals who are entirely new to using heavy dirt equipment or those looking for a refresher safety course. Our goal is to transform complete beginners into competent operators able to carry out basic excavation tasks safely and efficiently. 



Wheel Loader Safety Training


Wheel loaders are the powerhouse of the construction site, responsible for loading, transporting and unloading a range of materials, including sand, soil, rocks and debris. Whether you are considering the rental of a standard or compact wheel loader, this equipment must be operated safely in line with the latest regulations and guidelines. Our wheel loader safety training focuses on the safe operation of this key piece of equipment and ensures you get the best from your wheel loader rental. 


Course content covers comprehensive safety guidelines, operational techniques and practical tips for minimizing the risk of accidents and maximizing productivity. From loader stability and load management to the importance of communication and visibility on the construction site, our trainers take participants through a range of operational scenarios. 


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Why is Dirt Equipment Training Important?





At Herc Rentals, we don't just talk about safety: it underpins everything we do. We actively work with operations leaders and training managers to ensure every team member and contractor embraces equipment safety and takes personal responsibility for the operation of our rental equipment. Our overarching aim is not just to meet safety standards but to exceed them, eliminating accidents or non-compliance with safety protocols for everybody. 


Why is dirt equipment safety training so important? It's simple:


  • Safety Equals Productivity: Trained employees operate more efficiently, minimizing downtime caused by accidents or improper use of equipment.
  • Accident Prevention: Understanding and respecting the power of dirt equipment reduces incidents, protecting lives and resources.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Safely meeting project requirements ensures continuous trust and satisfaction from our clients.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complying with safety legislation and standards is non-negotiable, ensuring we operate legally and ethically.


Our general training format covers:


  • Classroom Learning: This includes lectures, discussions, reading materials and training provided by manufacturers. It's all about giving you the foundational knowledge you need.
  • Hands-On Practice: You'll see demonstrations and then get to practice yourself. We believe this is the best way to learn when it comes to equipment handling. This is where you learn by doing, making sure you can apply what you've learned in the real world. 
  • On-the-Job Assessment: We evaluate how well you apply your new skills at your workplace, working closely with your employer to make sure you're ready to go.


In our courses, we discuss:


  • Equipment Basics: Learn all about the specific equipment you'll be using, including how to operate it safely and efficiently.
  • Safety in Your Workplace: We cover how to stay safe on the job, looking at potential hazards and how to avoid them.
  • Rules Specific to Your Job Site: Every place is a bit different, so we go over the rules and regulations that apply right where you work.
  • What to Wear for Safety: We'll tell you all about the personal protective equipment (PPE) and gear you need to keep safe while working.



What You'll Get Out of the Dirt Equipment Safety Course


By taking up our dirt equipment safety course, you're setting your project up for success and for your workforce to work smarter and safer. Through a combination of classroom theory and hands-on practical instruction, training participants will learn how to operate machinery in line with relevant safety legislation and OSHA standards. 


Here's a little more about what's in store on our safety courses:


  • In-Depth Safety Knowledge: You'll learn all about safety, both from instructor-led theory and hands-on practice. This means not only will you know the rules, but you'll also put them into practice, making sure you're ready to use equipment safely and effectively in real life.
  • Earn a Certificate: After you finish the course, you'll get a wallet-sized certification card to show you're up to speed with all the safety practices we've taught. It's proof for you (and your employer) that you're serious about safety and know what you're doing.
  • Meet Safety Rules and Standards: Our course is designed to ensure rental equipment is operated in line with the most recent safety legislation, including those set by OSHA. You'll learn not just how to stay safe, but also how to keep your workplace compliant. 



Invest in Tomorrow — Work Safe Today


Our Dirt Equipment Training Course is designed to help teams and contractors master the complexities of secure equipment handling. Take the first step towards familiarizing your workforce with our rental equipment and ensuring a safety-first culture. 


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