•  Climate Control Solutions

    Climate Control

    Climate Control solutions offers a variety of heating and cooling solutions. From spot coolers to vertical HVAC units to self-contained ductless units to 50-ton chillers, we have you covered.

  •  Entertainment Solutions


    Herc Entertainment Services specializes in equipment rentals for film and television production as well as live events. We carry a wide-range of entertainment specific products to fit all your production’s needs.

  •  Floor care & Surface Prep Solutions

    Floor care & Surface Prep

    Let us help you tackle all your floor care, cleaning and removal needs.

  •  Government Solutions


    Our national partnerships provide procurement resources for local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education, and nonprofit organizations with competitively solicited contracts for quality products, services, and solutions through lead public agencies.

  •  Healthcare Solutions


    From facility maintenance to infection control, Herc Rentals supports the healthcare industry. Whether you need gear to clean floors or reach the ceiling, a quick response to an HVAC system failure, help decontaminating PPE or sectioning off a contaminated area, Herc Rentals has a solution.

  •  Industrial Solutions


    Industrial Services is a global operation providing an industrial line of products and services that include equipment, supplies, tools, customized mobile tool rooms, and high-tech asset management systems.

  •  Lighting Solutions


    No matter if you’re working road construction at night, in dark corners of an industrial plant or simply want to bring additional security to an employee parking lot, Herc Rentals has the portable lighting solutions you need to tackle any job efficiently, effectively and safely.

  •  Power Generation Solutions

    Power Generation

    Whether you need energy supplies to aid in disaster relief, power for an entertainment industry function, or electricity to keep a construction site humming, organizations of all sizes count on us to meet their power distribution needs.

  •  Pump Solutions


    Whether it's dewatering a construction site, bypassing a sewer line, transferring a tank or preparing for hurricanes, both small and large companies have come to count on us for specialty pumping needs.

  •  Remediation & Restoration Solutions

    Remediation & Restoration

    We specialize in rental equipment and services related to restoration and drying equipment, emergency power and distribution, and climate and humidity control with a quick response and expert approach when it matters most.

  •  Safe and Sound Kits Solutions

    Safe and Sound Kits

    Machines make noise, but in some locations even dull roars won’t fly. Whether you’re in the construction, transportation, mining, power generation or utility business, you can rest assured knowing our Safe and Sound kits will keep job site noise levels to a minimum.