Why Rent?

What To Look For In A Rental Partner


Making the right choice often depends on your needs. The right partner will rise to meet them.


Rapid response

At Herc Rentals, customer satisfaction is a top priority, especially after equipment is rented. For example, when an equipment rental order is placed with us, you’ll speak with an expert who will find out your needs, ensure the equipment you order can handle the task at hand as well as answer any questions you have in regard to safe and effective operation of that equipment. If by some chance the rental equipment fails, we also offer jobsite repair and maintenance to minimize your downtime.

When rental items are returned from the field, expert technicians are deployed to thoroughly clean, inspect and service the item, ensuring it’s ready to take on the next job when it arises.


The apex of tech

Under the umbrella of Herc Rentals’ ProControl Account Management, customers have easy access to invoices, reports and more. Leveraging the latest technology, this cohesive platform provides 24/7 unlimited access to real-time equipment data and information allowing customers to manage a project from just about anywhere.

With ProControl Telematics, customers can easily access account information, track the locations and fuel levels of rental equipment and more. Customers can easily manage their accounts right from their smart phone. From searching for a specific piece of equipment and getting a rental rate to reserving equipment or finding out when an equipment rental is overdue, it’s all there at the touch of a button.


One versus many

Herc Rentals serves a broad range of customer markets, including large and small companies in construction; industrial customers such as large industrial manufacturing plants, refineries and petrochemical operations; and other customers such as governmental entities and government contractors, disaster recovery and remediation firms, infrastructure, railroads , utility operators, individual homeowners, entertainment production companies, agricultural producers, special event management and facility management firms.

With daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rental options, Herc Rentals has the expanded product offering and value added services to support our customers’ projects with the ease and convenience of fulfilling all their rental needs in one place.


Make the right choice now

With over 270 locations strategically and conveniently placed throughout the United States and Canada and one of the broadest fleets in the industry, Herc Rentals is uniquely positioned to meet your needs.