You need a reliable equipment source with government experience.

Be Prepared

Vastly different scenarios require a different range of responses from government agencies charged with the maintaining North America's infrastracture.From emergency response to disaster relief to every public works projects to military operations, access to reliable and efficient equipment rental is vital to city, state, county and federal agencies.

On tight deadlines, in emergencies, and under strict compliance codes, government agencies need a rental equipment provider who knows how government operates. Herc Rentals has been a government supplier for more than 40 years and has the knowledge, service and tools you need.

Our Fleet is at your service

Don't wait until a hurricane strikes or water main breaks to establish your Herc Rentals account. Planning ahead ensures that you won't need to spend time filling out paper work when your urgent equipment need arises. Once you open your government program account it's always open and no fees apply.

What pieces of construction equipment does your government agency use frequently enough to justify owning them? If maintenance is costly, storage is problem, or the equipment is outdated, renting could be a more cost-effective solution.

From tools to trucks, earthmovers to aerial lifts, Herc Rentals gives you unlimited access to a $1 billion-plus fleet. Ask your Herc Rentals Government Programs representative for more details on our fleets of standard and specialized rental equipment and our value-added services.

Trust the Experts

Herc Rentals has the experience to work with you in expediting paperwork and providing all the information your office needs. Call one of our Government Programs representatives listed above, email inquiries to [email protected]