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The right tool for the right job also applies to your fleet of vehicles. Through decades of experience, our team at Herc Rentals understands the needs of our customers and that their different jobs demand different types of trucks.


From hauling product and people to providing industry-specific features, Herc Rentals’ lineup of trucks are geared to run the gamut of capabilities you need to complete your work efficiently, effectively, and safely.



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Offering a vast network of vehicles across the United States and Canada, as well as an experienced sales team focused on providing solutions for our customers, Herc Rentals’ fleet of vehicles are built to tow, lift and carry cargo and supplies, transport people and tools of a trade, and support special-duty work, such as dust control and work-site safety.

100% Coverage

Giving you peace of mind with 100% coverage on damaged or stolen gear.

Services We Offer


Herc Rentals fleet includes the most up-to-date trucks, specialty trucks and vans. Services we offer includes a no cost, full-service maintenance network with 4,400+ service locations, none of which will require paperwork or approvals needed for oil changes and other basic services.


Other services offered feature a full lineup of trailers, customized truck solutions built to your specifications, 24/7 roadside service with no cost replacement.


Industries We Serve


Our fleet of vehicles serve industries including construction, road repair and maintenance, aerospace and airports, utilities, lawn and landscaping, infrastructure development, petrochemical, oil and gas, government facilities, marine port operations, mining, and manufacturing.

When you partner with Herc Plus

Your needs are met more effectively and efficiently than ever before.



Our pick-up trucks include ½ ton, ¾ ton and 1-ton models. All models are 4WD, offer towing capacities ranging from 9,100 to 14,200 pounds and come equipped with a work-truck package.


Herc Rentals also offers vans to haul people, goods and equipment; ¾-ton and 1-ton 4WD utility trucks, plus a nine-foot cargo unit for tools and utilities needed on job sites; bucket trucks to help our customer reach heights safely; stake body trucks with 12- or 22-foot beds designed to haul bulk materials; dump trucks with massive payloads; water trucks with a towable 525-, 2,000- and 4,000-gallon tanks; crash trucks/attenuators built to steer traffic away from construction crews and absorb an impact from behind; terminal tractors with the muscle to lift up to 70,000 pounds; and crane trucks that include a 71-foot, 3-section boom.


Our trucks are equipped with Bluetooth, backup cameras, and tow packages.