We acknowledge that we are on the traditional lands of the indigenous peoples who have stewarded this land for thousands of years.  Herc Rentals recognizes and honors the enduring presence, resilience, and contributions of indigenous peoples who have called this land home. As we enjoy the benefits and privileges of this land, we encourage everyone to educate themselves about their rich and diverse cultures of the indigenous peoples who continue to shape and enrich our shared communities. Let us foster meaningful relationships on our treaty rights and collaborate with indigenous communities to build a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future for all.



Indigenous Relations Program 


Herc Leadership Statement


Matthews Equipment Limited, d/b/a Herc Rentals (Herc), is committed to developing and maintaining respectful and positive relationships with Indigenous communities across Canada. We believe that partnership agreements with Indigenous groups are mutually beneficial for both our business and the communities we work in. Building constructive relationships with Indigenous communities by creating formal partnership agreements has taken on increasing importance in our activities.


Herc is committed to collaborating with Indigenous peoples and their communities in Canada to build long-term trusting and mutually beneficial relationships based on the values of inclusion, transparency, respect and accountability.



Purpose and Scope


To support, pursue and develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous Groups in support of the Company’s business and corporate social responsibility objectives across Canada.


Our Indigenous Relations Program sets expectations for and guides the Company’s collaborative partnerships with Indigenous Groups while supporting such Indigenous Group’s capacity-building initiatives and participation in economic opportunities. Herc is committed to increasing employment opportunities, raising awareness and focusing on advancement, inclusion and retention strategies with our indigenous partners.


Herc Rentals has respect for the history, cultures and legal status of Indigenous Peoples and their unique relationship to the land. We are deeply committed to meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities.



Land Acknowledgement


Herc recognizes the land on which we operate are the histories, cultures and traditions of Indigenous Peoples across Canada. We thank the original stewards of these lands—generations past, present and future—for sharing these homelands with us.



Guiding Principles


1.1    When engaging and collaborating with Indigenous Groups, all team members will respect the spirit and intent of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and its guiding principles within the context of existing Canadians and the associated commitments and roles that governments in Canada have, relative to Indigenous Groups.



1.2    All team members conducting business activities on behalf of Herc Rentals will recognize and respect that Indigenous Peoples may have a collective attachment to the land and resources associated with Herc’s business activities, and that there are often separate organizational and governance structures and political institutions from those of the jurisdictions they fall under. Team members will ensure that they are conducting any such business activities with integrity, mutual responsibility and collaboration.



1.3    When engaging in consultation related activities with Indigenous Groups, team members will engage in a timely manner, to allow them to identify interests, understand the potential impacts of our business activities and make decisions freely and openly. We must ensure meaningful and respectful engagement and dialogue through the use of a principled, transparent and adequate approach.



1.4    Team Members who are working with Indigenous Groups are expected to take the Indigenous cultural awareness training to help them work more effectively and collaboratively with Indigenous groups.



1.5    Team members will use every opportunity to engage Indigenous Groups’ leadership to:

a) align their capacity and capabilities with the Company’s project requirements and qualifications;

b) support community-led initiatives tailored to local priorities;

c) develop skills in the local workforce compatible with industry needs; and

d) develop community-led innovative project strategies, reflecting engagement and regulatory outcomes that are defensible and commercially reasonable.





Team members are responsible for promptly reporting suspected or actual violation of this Program and guiding principles or any other concern, through available channels so that it can be appropriately investigated, addressed and handled. Team members can report it to their manager, to Human Resources or to the Ethics line at 855.862.1170.





We support and encourage team members to report suspected incidents of non-compliance with this program. We take every report seriously, investigate each report to identify facts, and effect improvements to our practices and procedures when warranted. We ensure immunity from disciplinary action or retaliation for team members for the good faith reporting of such concerns.



Our Strategy


1.    Raise awareness among our team members about the history of Indigenous people; and

2.    Create a culture where leadership and team members are welcoming of Indigenous people, their experience and outlooks and embrace the spirit of reconciliation; and

3.    Maintain a culture of Inclusion; embrace a cultural norm, which invites the full participation of Indigenous people into all aspects of business operations.



What We’ve Accomplished


1.    In response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Call to Action, we committed to tailored training for our Leadership Team focusing on the history and cultures of Indigenous Peoples across North America. We engaged an external consultant with Indigenous trainers to design and facilitate a training session for Herc Canada’s Leadership team. The training was completed and recorded for future new leaders.


2.    We know Indigenous contracting and hiring are among the most effective ways to advance economic reconciliation and enhance relationships through tangible opportunities. We have partnered with Indigenous neighbours to encourage and build these relationships.


3.    We committed to partnering with Indigenous groups to identify and support community-led reconciliation initiatives. We donate to Indigenous-related causes and initiatives, including organizations that support Indigenous post-secondary students in reaching their education goals.


4.    We recognize the best solutions start with listening to the people who are impacted by our business activities. We continue to find alignment, enhance relationships and

support Indigenous-led initiatives within communities where we work. We will continue to engage with Indigenous groups to understand their priorities and work collaboratively to support them.


5.    We identified opportunities to increase Indigenous participation in service categories aligned with our ongoing business needs and the economic development priorities of the communities with whom we work. We will also extend our efforts to increase Indigenous participation through direct and indirect employment.



Herc Rentals is proud to have begun our Journey with Partnership Accreditation in Indigenous Relations (PAIR) via the Canadian Council for Indigenous Business(CCIB) and have now completed our Phase 1 of the Committed Level and are working towards Phase 2.. We joined this socially responsible program two years ago and look to lead our industry in Indigenous relations.

Canadian Council for Indigenous Business Logo

Canadian Council for Indigenous Business



Herc Rentals is proud to partner with PAIR and CCIB

My career path with Herc Rentals is the “ Ispiciwin “ Cree/Dene for ‘ Journey ‘ , of which I embrace with enthusiasm daily. I am a proud member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and support Herc in their Indigenous Relations Program


|   Wyonna Johnson, Senior Sales/Operations Coordinator Edmonton, Alberta



"Wicihitowin” It’s Cree for ‘working together’, to mutually help and support one another. That’s how we are here at Herc.


|   Larry Gustafson, Assistant Branch Manager, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta



I am a Metis and my family is from Winnipeg and members of the Red River Metis.  I have worked for Herc Rentals for 15 years and I absolutely LOVE my job.


|   Tony Grandison, Senior Sales/Ops Coordinator, Edmonton, Alberta



I’m fiercely proud of my Maternal bloodline being Mohawk, Six Nations of the Grand River. I enjoy working at Herc Rentals, based on their inclusivity of many Nationalities. Their desire to actively recruit Indigenous Peoples of Canada, makes me very proud to be a part of this organization. 


|   James McFadden, ProSolutions Representative, Cambridge, Ontario




I’m a Metis part of The Manitoba Metis Federation and have a great career with Herc Rentals for 33 plus years and looking forward to many more years!  I feel very included and part of the Herc Family.


|   Team Herc Member from Manitoba 



I am a Mohawk (Kanyen'kehà:ka) from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. The warriors of the six nations. I have had many roles in Herc Rentals and I have made this place where I want my career to continue.


|   Team Herc member from Toronto, Ontario
How to support indigenous people and community?

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