Food and Beverage


From growers to processing to warehousing to distribution, Herc Rentals’ specialized experience and equipment has played a role in providing safe and clean environments in the food and beverage sector for more than 50 years. As partners with some of the largest food and beverage companies, we understand the importance of eliminating inefficiencies while enhancing safety and cleanliness.



Herc Rentals offers the food and beverage industry a wide range of equipment to ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for your team as well as for storage, distribution and related operations. Our equipment includes aerials such as booms or scissor lifts, forklifts and other material handling gear, power generation, climate control and HVAC, pumps, floorcare, air compressors, personnel movers, and specialty tools.

When you partner with Herc Plus

Your needs are met more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Why Choose Herc Rentals 


With qualified subject matter experts available 24/7 support, plus delivery and pick-up from anywhere, Herc Rentals can help improve the safety of both people and product.

Project and Tool Management

In this fully customizable solution, customers are provided with a trailer packed with the tools they need.