Restrictions and Exclusions


Damaged Equipment 

When a customer rents equipment covered under the RPP program the customer will not be required to fill out a claim form for damages less than $10,000. If damage to a piece of equipment exceeds $10,000, the customer is required to complete an incident report form for the RPP Claims Management team to review. Claims will be subject to denial if the damage is determined to be due to:


  • Equipment being operated by a non-qualified non-trained operator
  • Striking an overhead object while in motion
  • Acts of God such as floods, hurricanes, wind, storms, earthquakes or fires
  • Overloading rated capacity
  • Exposing equipment to corrosive material
  • Damage due to vandalism
  • Damage to tubes and tires, tracks
  • Overturning equipment
  • Claims history
  • Land Clearing
  • Tree Removal
  • Working in or near fires
  • Filling a reservoir with the wrong type of fluid
    • Examples are:
    • Filling a DEF tank with Diesel
    • Filling a radiator with windshield washer fluid
  • Situations where equipment is used outside the intended purpose or capacity of the machine



Stolen Equipment 

When equipment covered by RPP is stolen from a customer a valid police report must be provided for the RPP claim to be approved. If a police report is provided and Herc’s investigation determines no evidence or suspicion of customer conversion, the claim will be approved. Claims may also be denied if:

  • A valid police report is not provided
  • The customer did not safely secure the equipment
  • The customer left the keys in the equipment
  • Evidence or suspicion of conversion
  • Claims history


*RPP claims may be denied or put on hold if customer account balances are significantly past due.
*The RPP and Rental contract must be paid in full for an RPP claim to be approved