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Building a winning team begins with a culture that embraces diversity and that benefits from the different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences of all team members. In keeping with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Herc Rentals is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day and to support the effort to advance opportunities for women in all professional fields, including the equipment rental industry. We are a better company because of the valuable contributions of the women who are part of Team Herc!


Dawn Ott

Sales & Operation Trainer

When I began my career in the equipment rental industry, it seemed my only option was to be a clerical assistant; fast forward 29 years and the opportunities for women at Herc Rentals are endless. We just need to continue to Press for Progress.

Susan Leinweber

Canada Sales and Operations Trainer

I don’t recognize a gender separation in our industry. I recognize an industry where women are supported and encouraged to thrive.

Nicole Gump

Sales Representative

I didn't follow the crowd and go into a field that most women do, instead I went for something completely different and I love my job! I feel that I have experienced so many different roles that most people think "women can't do.” Each day is different, and I enjoy working with a great group of colleagues that never make me feel like a woman can’t do the same job they do!

Stephanie Rajzbaum

Director, Process & Continuous Improvement

Being a woman in the equipment rental industry is a great opportunity to stand out and make a difference. I look forward to working with more dedicated, passionate women who can develop their career while helping the company grow. My goal: see more women in every branch I visit, every meeting I attend and in senior roles in the company!

Beth Holland

Assistant Branch Manager

I am fortunate to work in this industry, for a company where women are embraced as part of the team. This is an innovative exciting environment to be a part of and I am happy to say that I learn something new every day.