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Spider Crane Safety Training Course (Less than 2000 pounds)


Spider cranes or mini spider cranes are compact and specifically designed to access low or restricted work areas. Smaller than traditional cranes, spider cranes are most commonly utilized for rooftop and steel erection projects. Specific spider crane operator requirements vary, depending on the rated capacity of the crane. 


Operating a spider crane with a maximum rated capacity of 2000 pounds or less doesn't require certification through an accredited crane operation testing organization. However, employers must ensure that operators receive the proper training to safely operate spider cranes of all sizes and capacities.


Herc Rentals offers an extensive training course that covers spider crane operator requirements and educates employees and employers on the importance of safe and correct crane operation.


Our skilled instructors are committed to ensuring your work site is safe and productive. For added convenience, our team can travel to your location and host the spider crane safety training on-site. 



Overview of Spider Crane Safety Training


While certification isn't a requirement when the spider crane lifting capacity is less than 2000 pounds, safe operation is essential with cranes of all sizes. Herc Rentals' spider crane safety course educates your employees on how to correctly operate the equipment, as well as how to recognize and address potentially hazardous conditions. During the course, operators learn the basic safety principles and fundamentals of mobile crane operation.


Our training format includes:

  • Formal instruction that combines lecture, discussion, written materials and manufacturer's materials
  • Practical training using demonstrations and hands-on exercises for trainees
  • Evaluation of an operator's performance in partnership with the customer

In our courses we review:

  • Topics related to equipment - safety inspections, maintenance and general knowledge for the operator
  • Topics related to the workplace
  • Site- and/or plant-specific rules
  • Requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE)

In our Spider Crane (Less than 2000 pounds) Safety Training course we review:

  • Crane safety: Crane safety topics include site hazard identification, site and equipment inspection and load dynamics.
  • Safe spider crane operation: Our spider crane safety course reviews the standard and basic functions for safe and efficient crane operation. 
  • Communication: Herc Rentals' instructors review the proper communication techniques between the crane operator, signal person and work site personnel.
  • Mechanical and computerized operator aids: Our instructors provide training on mechanical and computerized aids such as load indicators and anti-two block devices.
  • Safety inspections: Herc Rentals' course covers the importance of required safety compliance inspections for spider cranes. Inspections of the electrical system and components such as the trolley, bridge, hoist and brakes are essential in ensuring safe equipment operation. 
  • Maintenance: Herc Rentals' mechanics receive manufacturer training on all of our rental equipment. Our training course covers maintenance topics such as operational safety guidelines, preventive maintenance and equipment servicing.
  • PPE requirements: All trainees receive guidance on the PPE required to safely operate spider cranes.


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Why Is Spider Crane Safety Training Important? 


Occupational accidents caused by improper crane operation can lead to serious injuries, and in some cases, fatalities. Ensuring your employees are efficiently trained on the safe operation of spider cranes and other machinery can significantly reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.


At Herc Rentals, the safety of our spider crane rental equipment and other machinery is our top priority. We believe in safety first at all times, and we take every step possible to ensure our equipment meets all applicable safety standards and regulations. We believe that company leaders have a responsibility in ensuring their employees follow the necessary steps to maintain a safe and productive workplace. To achieve these goals, our safety courses cover everything from equipment operation to hazard detection and prevention. 


Herc Rentals' safety training courses are designed with our strong commitment to safety in mind. We strive to completely eliminate accidents and nonconformance to safety policies and procedures in the workplace through our detailed, comprehensive safety training programs. 


Our training courses help promote a safety-conscious work culture, and they equip employees with the necessary skills for correct equipment usage. Upon completion of the safety course, your employees will have increased awareness to better identify potential workplace hazards and an improved ability to apply preventive measures.



What You'll Get Out of the Spider Crane Safety Course


Herc Rentals' spider crane safety training course combines both theory and hands-on practical instruction for a comprehensive program that benefits both employees and employers. By completing our extensive training course, your crane operators will gain greater skills and knowledge on proper equipment operation, resulting in a safer, more productive workplace.


Training options include in-house at one of our Herc Rentals locations, on-site at your location or online sessions (available for certain classifications). We offer both operator and train-the-trainer courses to ensure that everyone at your company is up-to-date on important equipment safety protocols. 


Our training protocol is compliant with all applicable safety legislation, regulations and industry standards. Upon successful completion of our spider crane safety training course, all trainees are issued wallet card certificates. 



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You can help ensure that your employees are thoroughly trained on correct operation and work site safety with Herc Rentals' spider crane safety training course. Fill out the form on the right to get started and learn more about how Herc Rentals can provide the safety training your company needs.