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Load Banks

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Portable and trailer-mounted load banks are the perfect solution to ensure your generator maintains proper pressure levels and temperature while also producing the optimal horsepower for your operations or facility.

Load banks are designed to test the operation of electrical power supplies and critical backup power systems. By periodically testing these systems, operations and facility managers can prevent a loss of power resulting in productions delays, rising costs, and the loss of human life during an emergency or disaster.

Key Features:
- Portables built to fit through any industrial door
- Quick-Connect, color-coded Cam-Lok power connectors
- Control Power Emergency-Stop (E-STOP) push button is provided to
- disable control power voltage to all operator control power circuits
- Backlit LCD offers superior viewing for both bright and
- dim light conditions

- Oil and Gas Industries
- Data Centers
- Industrial and manufacturing facilities
- Hospitals and nursing homes
- Any facility with a backup generator

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CATCLASS Description Make Model Weight Dimensions Rating
525-1362 125kW Load Banks Direct LP125-240-480-1DM-CB-CASE Load Bank 140 lb / Travel Case 76 lb 18" x 28" x 38"
Case: 22" x 32" x 50"
125kW @ 480V 3PH 150 Amps per Phase; 125KW @ 240V 3PH 301 Amps per Phase
525-1364 600kW Load Banks Direct LP600H-240-480-1DMT-CB + CAGE Load Bank 1,300 lb / Shipping Cage 445 lb 34" x 58" x 60"
Cage: 43" x 66" x 73"
600kW @ 480V 3PH 722 Amps per Phase; 600KW @ 240V 3PH 1443 Amps per Phase
525-1366 1000kW Load Banks Direct LP1000-480-1DMT-CB + CAGE Load Bank 1,300 lb  / Shipping Cage 412 lb 34" x 50" x77"
Cage: 43" x 57" x 89" 
1000kW @ 480V 3PH 1202 Amps per Phase
525-1368 3000kW Load Banks Direct LT3000-480-1DMT-CB + Trailer 5,000 lb 113" x 48" x 98" 3000kW @ 480V 3PH 6308 Amps per Phase
750kW @ 240V 3PH 1804 Amps per Phase