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Unconditional Final

(All invoices pertaining to the project must be paid. No rental contracts can be open for this project and no unbilled invoices may exist.)

Conditional Final

(Customer is making final payment for unpaid project invoices. Tha Lien Release will not be issued untill payment has cleared our bank for the final payment. If unbilled invoices exist, a conditional progress release will be ussed instead.)

Unconditional Progress

(All invoices must be paid for the requested Progress Through Date.(Example: If Progress Through Date is 12/31/XX, then all invoices must be paid on project through 12/31/XX). If there are unpaid invoices, release restrictions will be modified as needed.)

Conditional Progress

(The release will verify that the customer is making progress payments for the project and will provide the current balance due Herc for the project. The correct dollar amount must be known for the Progress Through Date requested. When issued, the Lien Release will only identify the payments that have cleared our bank.)

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Lien Release Contact info

Lien Release requests are processed in the order they are received. Upon submittal of Lien Release Request, you should receive confirmation of Herc Rentals's reciept of your request, either by fax or mail.

For Lien Release Help Please Email[email protected] and include your Lien Release Request information.

Faxed Lien Release Requests should be sent to 1-800-654-0711. Please donot submit duplicate Lien Release requests.