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Rental Protection Plan

A Simple and affordable protection program

RENTAL PROTECTION PLAN (RPP), a simple and affordable protection program from Herc Rentals, provides you with a worry-free rental experience. During your rental, you can rest assured knowing your liability will never exceed $500** should accidental damage or theft occur. RPP limits your out-of-pocket expense to 10% of the repair or replacement cost, or $500, whichever is less.

Customer Benefits:

  • Supplement your pre-existing insurance
  • Minimal cost compared to cost of damaged or stolen equipment
  • Increased protection for the customer
  • Low financial responsibility if purchased


The Charge for RPP is 15% of gross rental charges. Customer accepts or declines RPP. If Customer accepts RPP, in consideration of the charge shown above, Lessor agrees to waive certain claims against Customer for loss of or damage to Equipment, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Rental Agreement and in the RENTAL PROTECTION PLAN GUIDE which Customer should review before deciding whether to purchase RPP. By accepting the Rental Protection Plan and paying the additional fee, Herc Rentals will limit the equipment repair or replacement cost to a deductible of $500 per item or 10% of the repair or replacement cost, including tax, whichever is less. Customer is responsible for any loss or damage up to this amount.



Financial Breakdownwith RPPwithout RPP
Rental Rate$2,700$2,700
RPP Cost with Rental$405-
Repair Cost$2,800$2,800
Customer Responsibility$280$2,800
RPP Savings$2,520-


Financial Breakdownwith RPPwithout RPP
Rental Rate$250$250
RPP Cost with Rental$38-
Replacement Cost$16,000$16,000
Customer Responsibility$500$16,000
RPP Savings$15,500-

Contact your local Herc Rentals Representative with questions.

RPP Brochure


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