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Fees and Charges

Administrative and Recovery Costs


Emissions & Environmental Surcharge (EES)

Herc Rentals is committed to long term global sustainability of our environment and is an advocate of environmentally safe business practices. We recognize that various types of the equipment we rent use potentially harmful material and emit harmful waste. To reduce the impacts of these wastes, Herc Rentals spends millions of dollars a year to both purchase the most sophisticated environmental friendly equipment and properly dispose of the potentially harmful materials our equipment uses.

The Herc Rentals Emissions and Environmental Surcharge (EES) is our fee designed to offset such investment expenses. The fee is not a tax or a government mandated charge. The collected fees go towards the proper cleaning of equipment, disposal of liquids, upgrade wash bay water treatment and proper disposal of filters, tires, batteries and shop waste.

The following provision is attached on all Rental Agreements:

PLEASE BE AWARE that Herc Rentals adds an Emissions and Environmental Surcharge with respect to motorized, electric, hydraulic, combustion engine and pneumatic powered rental equipment. Making sure those materials do not harm the environment is an important part of Herc Rentals part of protecting the environment. This Surcharge is a charge by Herc Rentals to help offset costs and expenses, including overhead, generally associated with the following types of activities: (1) compliance with federal, state and local environmental laws, regulations and rules relating to Herc Rentals business operations such as handling, managing, and/or disposing of waste materials that contain hazardous substances (.e.g., motor oil, grease, and hydraulic fluid); (2) the implementation of voluntary conservation or “green” initiatives at Herc Rentals; and (3) the acquisition and use of vehicles in Herc Rentals business with engines using advanced emission control technologies. The Surcharge amount may be changed from time to time at Herc Rentals discretion. THIS SURCHARGE IS NOT A TAX OR GOVERNMENT MANDATED CHARGE.


Fuel Options

For your convenience, Herc Rentals can refuel your equipment when it is returned. Refueling rates are posted at the renting location. You can always refuel the equipment yourself before returning it if you’d rather do it yourself.


Herc Rentals Protection Plan (RPP)

Here at Herc Rentals, we realize that unexpected events happen and equipment can be damaged or stolen while on rent. When these incidents occur that can result in high out of pocket expenses to the renter. To help customers hedge against these events, Herc Rentals offers an optional program called Herc Rentals Protection Plan or Herc RPP.

Herc RPP is a simple and affordable protection plan that you or your company have the option of purchasing at the time of rental. Herc RPP limits your financial liability in the event that the rented equipment becomes damaged or stolen while in your possession. It is important to note that Herc RPP IS NOT INSURANCE.

The cost of Herc RPP is 15% of the gross rental charges. You have the option to accept or decline RPP at the beginning of the rental period. Herc RPP is required if you are a commercial customer without a COI on file. If you accept RPP, Herc Rentals agrees to relieve you of certain costs should the rented equipment become damaged or stolen. Herc RPP limits your cost to a deductible of $500 per item or 10% of the repair or replacement cost, including tax, whichever is less.

*RPP does NOT cover damage to tires caused by blowout, bruises, cuts, punctures or other causes inherent in the use of the equipment. Please contact your local branch for a list of all exclusions.

Please click here for more details: Herc RPP.


Preventative Maintenance Charge

On select gear, Herc performs preventative maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. This work is done either at a customer’s site or at a Herc location.  Herc applies a Preventative Maintenance (PM) charge associated with performing the maintenance and service. The PM charge is a per hour charge that is applied for to every hour the gear is run while on rent.  The PM charge is between $1 - $4 depending on the size of the equipment and the number of used hours recorded by the meter machine installed on each piece of equipment.  PM charges are billed monthly based on 160 hours of use.  At the time of final invoice, the PM charge will be adjusted up or down to reflect actual hours used.


Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF)

Effective January 30th, 2017
This fee is for the recovery of the proportionate amount of vehicle registration, licencing and related fees applicable to vehicle and trailer rentals.